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Kelsey Schick is a [previously] certified personal training specialist who is based in Winnipeg, MB, Canada, and has been on her own fitness journey since June 2012 and specializes in working out at home with minimal equipment but can also create a kick-ass workout program for you to use at the gym.

My story:

I started making changes in March of 2012 just by watching what I was eating. I work a desk job so not doing any physical activity was playing a large role in the weight I was gaining. I used My Fitness Pal (a fantastic calorie tracker app) and I ate what I normally ate for a few days and logged it to see just how much I was consuming. I was eating about 2500-3000 calories a day! I'm 5'6" and with a sedentary job I shouldn't be eating more than 2000 (or less) a day. It was a huge eye opener for me and from there I started watching what I was eating by eating more nutrient dense foods: lots of fresh produce, lean proteins, healthy fats. I stopped buying processed foods and currently still buy mostly fresh and un-packaged foods. (A good guideline when grocery shopping: stick to the outskirts of the store because that is where all the fresh and healthy foods are). I lost 10 pounds from March to May by starting to eat better. I started at 135 lbs and got down to 125 lbs.

I started working out regularly on June 15, 2012. I was lazy and didn't do anything physical. I wasn't really over weight but I was 'skinny fat'. I was really unhappy with my physical appearance and was now buying a larger jean size for the second summer in a row: something needed to change. I found a workout website on pinterest and it was exactly what I needed to make a lifestyle change.

It pushed me in the right direction and got my ass off the couch. I went home that night and did my first workout. From that day on I have worked out 4-6 days a week, unless I'm sick or my body requires rest (listen to your body). I have followed more than a few at home programs (beachbody, online programs, etc) but when I started weight training I found a strength and love I didn't know existed. DON'T BE SCARE OF WEIGHTS!!

I have become very passionate about health and fitness and have become the accountability person for my coworkers (without intending to be). They feel the need to report to me about their awesome grocery shopping trip or check in to let me know they completed their workout that morning.

The feeling of helping people is amazing so I decided that it was time I get certified so I can play more of a role in helping people change their lives and become the best they can be. So here I am, now a personal training specialist, with a passion for health, fitness, and helping people. Let me be your trainer and help you reach your goals because it means as much to me as it does to you.

-- Kelsey


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