Conclusion For Sugar Detox

I've been so busy this summer that I forgot to write about what happened when I tried cutting out sugar. It really didn't have the results I was hoping for but it did kind of help with some cravings.

I may have stopped eating candy and sugary drinks but I was still consuming alcohol and making poor food choices. To top it off, my boyfriend's parents were visiting so I took a break from workouts to spend time with them and eat the amazing food his mom was making for us. I feel pretty fluffy but no regrets! I can work this off.

I ordered Usana's french vanilla Nutrimeal to help get me back on track and curb the sugar cravings. It is a meal replacement shake and I have to say I'm quite impressed with it. I'm not normally satiated by shakes, no matter how much stuff I add to them so I was surprised that this 250 calorie shake kept me full for 2.5 hours from my lunch to my afternoon break. It also tastes like a vanilla milkshake so it was like a treat for lunch! Th…

My New Fitness Gadget (yes, another one)

Earlier this year I got a Polar Loop 2 because I already had the Polar A300. I like the look of the Loop and it was pretty accurate for daily activity and calories burned. However, it was annoying having to sync each device on a different phone because the Loop isn't compatible with my LG G4. Luckily I still had my Galaxy S5 to sync it with so I didn't always have to connect it to the computer to sync data.
I do like Polar and I think their products are great but they didn't have what I was looking for: I wanted something slim that I can wear on my non-watch wrist so I can still wear my pretty watches, which are my favorite accessory.
So, the other day I got an email from my bank's rewards program and they had a sale on some of the items. So a-shopping I went!
I've been eyeing up Fitbits for a while because I know quite a few people that own one and are quite happy with them. I settled on the Alta HR because it's slim and does almost everything the Charge does…

Sugar Detox - Update Numero Uno

Today was day four of no treats. I think I should stop referring to this as a 'detox' because I'm still eating some things that have added sugar: like cereal, yogurt, etc. To some this may not be different but as someone who has a major sweet tooth, this is really hard for me.

I'm happy to report I haven't had any candy or chocolate since Saturday. I was going to start on Monday until I realized I hadn't had any treats on Sunday. I had syrup with my baked french toast that morning but my goal was to not eat any sugar in candy or chocolate form.

I've been focusing on eating more vegetables again because I realized I wasn't eating balanced meals, they were mostly carbs. Carbs are important but you needs veggies to get your nutrients and vitamins. I feel great when I eat a lot of veg so I try to eat veg for all three meals. Or if I don't get with my breakfast I make one of my snacks a salad, raw veggies, or some other form of veg dish.
"Fail to p…

Let's Try This Sugar Detox Thing...

Alright, it's no secret that I LOVE sugar. I love it in pretty much any form: chocolate, candy, cookies, ice cream, CINNAMON BUNS 😍: you name it. I love it.

I mentioned in my post about Mexico how I lost weight while on vacation and how great I was feeling by the time I got back. I was thinking it was due to dairy but after reading an article a woman wrote about cutting out added sugar for 30 days, it occurred to me that most of my symptoms/complaints are things that sugar causes: bloating, sugar cravings, cravings for carbs carbs carbs, and weight gain, just to name a few.

I've quit sugar before and that was the leanest I've ever been in the nearly 5 years that I've been working out regularly. With summer coming up I think it makes sense to do a sugar detox and get myself feeling better.

Yes I'm doing this so I feel great in a bikini this summer but I'm also doing it for the other benefits. I hate being hungry ALLLL the freakin' time. I will eat a health…

Basic Stir Fry Recipe

I thought I had previously posted a recipe with my homemade stir fry sauce but it appears I haven't, or it's been a while. So here it is!
I switch up my veggies when making stir fry which is why I love it so much. You can have so many different textures and flavors, depending on what you use.

My favorite veggies to use are: broccolizucchinicauliflowercarrotsmushroomsasparagusbaby corn or corn kernelspeas (snap, snow, or shelled)bell peppersshelled edamame beanscelerychopped kalered onionsgarlicgingergreen chile (optional)
Stir fry sauce ingredients: 1/3 c, broth (beef, chicken mushroom, veggie) *added at the beginning of cooking*2T low sodium soy sauce1-2T rice vinegar (try playing around with the amounts as this is a strong flavor)1T sesame oil1T sriracha (optional)1T cornstarch (to thicken sauce) Chop four cups of your choice of veggies into bit size pieces. Preheat the pan to medium-high heat and slice the red onions by cutting an onion in half, lengthwise, and slicing into w…

Grilled Veggie and Lentil Tacos

This recipe is also from and was in my calendar. I didn't follow the directions exactly and swapped the summer squash for mushrooms for some extra protein, and I also just had mushrooms that needed to be used.
The spice mixture for the lentils looked odd to me but I did as it said and they tasted pretty good. I topped my tacos with hot sauce and regular sour cream.
Recipe can be found here!
Thanks for stopping by! 😀

-- Kelsey

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas

When I got back from Mexico I kept the vibe going by making these amazing enchiladas from This recipe is also from the calendar that my 'second parents' bought me as a Christmas gift and this is the fourth recipe I've made from it.