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Zumba Faves

Sunday dinners and lunch containers

I love Sundays. They're usually spent grocery shopping with my mom and oftentimes with my niece. We then usually hang out at her place and make a healthy and delicious home cooked meal. Tonight was fresh salmon marinated in garlic, soy sauce, and brown sugar, and then my brother then put it in a smoker (I now smell like a bonfire).

My new gadget

Hello!! So, I've been contemplating getting a daily activity tracker and/or workout monitor for a while now but couldn't decide on one. There are so many options and brands to choose from and they all have different pros and cons.

Meal prep for this week

I have posted these before but I have a renewed love for asparagus and I somehow forgot how amazing this cabbage is. I seriously stand at the stove when it's cooled down and just eat it with my hands. I had half a head of cabbage from my coleslaw last week so roasted cabbage it is this week. It's a bit tricky to flip them without them falling apart so I this time I tried cutting them into wedges leaving the stem attached. It worked a little but the middle still kind of fell apart. Either way they're tasty, I'll eat them if they were just in a pile. Preheat your oven to 425F - you'll use this temperature for the asparagus as well. Spray a baking sheet with non stick spray and lay them out so the thickest parts are on the outside of the pan to allow for more even cooking.

Protein pancakes

There are plenty of recipes out there for protein pancakes but I like simple so this is the one I whipped together earlier for breakfast. There's a good chance that there is one with the same measurements but I did not intend to 'steal' this recipe. I literally walked into my kitchen and threw stuff into my Magic Bullet blender cup.

Things and flexible eating

Here are a few meals and snacks. Remember to follow me on Instagram for more food posts and other cool stuff. Motivation baby! This has been my morning snack this week - 99% of the time I have cottage cheese for morning snack but I switch up the fruit I eat with it. I used to have plain Greek yogurt but I don't think I can get sick of cottage cheese lol.

Food porn

First things first: isn't my little guinea pig adorable? There was a strawberry that had a little bit of mould on it so I gave it to her to nibble on. She is 7.5 years old!! That's ancient in guinea pig years and she is still healthy and spry.

Being prepared feels good

Yay for grocery shopping! My fridge was pretty empty before going shopping and now it's packed. I stuck to my goal of using the food in my fridge and freezer last week - I only have my tilapia fillets left! Today was a hectic day. My car didn't start on Thursday morning so I had to walk on Thursday and Friday which is good because it's been beautiful the last few days, so my brother came to pick my hungover ass up at 2, stopped at my mom's to pick up his tools, he dropped me and my mom off at Costco while he ran to Canadian Tire to get a new starter for my car, picked us up and I ran into Superstore for some pieces of fruit for my fruit salad, and then we had to go to another Canadian Tire because the location we went to didn't have the part we needed. Got home and while my awesome big bro worked on my car I had to lay out my groceries and take a picture of them because I was excited to start making the food I planned out for this week!

Emptying my fridge

Alright, I went grocery shopping with my mom today and before I left I made my meal plan for this coming week and did up my grocery list. I then looked in my fridge and freezer and decided that I really need to use the stuff that I've had in my freezer for too long. It doesn't make sense to buy more when I have food that needs to be eaten. I still had the left overs from my stuffed bell peppers... I wonder if it's even still good haha. We will find out tomorrow. So things I need to use: tilapia, salmon fillets, beef/rice/bean mixture from stuffed bell peppers, and veggies. I also have soup in the freezer but I only made that a few weeks ago and it's high in carbs so that will have to be eaten on a high carb week since I am trying an 'accelerated fat loss' meal plan from Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. I'm pretty excited to see if I can stick to it since anyone who follows my blog will have noticed that diet is my downfall when it comes to will power. I

Banana oatmeal cottage cheese pancakes

I found these online the other night and decided to give them a try. I've tried a few other variations but have to say these were the best ones yet. I think the baking powder helps keep them fluffy and the oatmeal give them substance. I had these as my morning snack at work and they were delicious as is, I didn't use any syrup or jam on them.

My new favorite breakfast

Cottage cheese deliciousness Looking back on My Fitness Pal I've gone through a few different 'regulars' for breakfast. This one is my new favorite and I've been eating it for about 2 weeks now. It's 3/4 c. 2% cottage cheese, 1 apple (grated or chopped), and low sugar high protein cereal (I use Kashi Go Lean or any Special K). You could throw in some nuts or seeds in there too if it fits your daily calorie allowance (IIFYM). I used to think that eating cottage cheese with fruit was gross but I have always enjoyed the sweet and salty contrast so it makes sense that I enjoy this flavor combination. I've been trying to switch my meals up lately and I'm trying to eat more calories since I've been encouraging my clients to eat more than the 1200 that calorie trackers suggest. I've been hovering around 1500 for a while now so I'm slowly increasing back to 2000 which is my maintenance calorie target. Anyway, try this breakfast!!! You could als