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Zumba Faves


Hey folks, I realized I haven't written about Usana on my blog yet. I do have a link at the top of my page with the Pages but if you're interested in looking at the catalogue here is the link: I started selling Usana a year ago this month and mostly promote it on Instagram and Facebook. I started with the Cellsentials and Procosa supplements and noticed a difference within a few weeks. I've mentioned in my posts that the first thing I noticed were my nails. They used to be so flaky and weak. They would flip back but wouldn't break so I'd have a line across my nail and it would hurt, a lot. Now they're smooth and hard and healthy. I don't remember them ever being like this. Most people notice how much more energy they have when taking these vitamins. Now I notice a little bit of a difference but I have a lot of sleep issues. So vitamins can only do so much for me with that lol. I like Usana products because the founder o