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Zumba Faves

My workout calendars 2013

I use my Google calendar to keep track of my workouts in addition to my workout journal. I like a visual to see how much I've worked out so when I'm feeling lazy I can see that I've been dragging my ass and that motivates me to workout. 

30 day Melissa Bender Challenge - December 2013

Alright... I'm abandoning the Bodyrock challenge because I enjoy Melissa Bender's workouts so much more. I like that they're already 15 minutes so I only have to go through them twice. I like the exercises better too and for me it's just an overall better workout. Here is the link to Melissa Bender's page with the links as well. I have listed the breakdowns here so I can keep track:

Day #1
Repeat 1-3X. Max reps during each 50 second interval, 10 seconds of rest between exercises. *for the second round instead of mountain climbers I did jump rope because my hips were too sore for mountain climbers.

1. Mountain Climbers - 54, (skipping)
2. Temple Tap Abs - 23, 22
3. 3-Way Frogger - 11, 13
4. Angel Abs - 17, 17
5. Mountain Climbers - 44, (skipping)
6. Side Plank Leg Lift (right) - 13, 16
7. 3-Way Frogger - 11, 10
8. Side Plank Leg Lift (left) - 16, 16
9. Mountain Climber - 60, (skipping)
10. Knee to Elbow Crunch - 13, 13
11. 3-Way Frogger - 12, 11
12. Rock the Boat - 1…

Apple, banana, and strawberry green smoothie

I made a delicious smoothie to enjoy with my egg this morning. If I was adding avocado to it I would be having just this for a meal.
I found this great Greek yogurt - no added sugar and it tastes great! It's Yoplait source Greek yogurt and it has 50 calories per 100g.
So here is today's recipe: 4 ice cubeshandful of spinachhalf a banana1/4 of a large ambrosia apple3/4 c. coconut milk1/3 c. strawberry Greek yogurt I use my magic bullet so I have to add ingredient in two batches. I added 3 ice cubes, the spinach, the apple, and the coconut milk and blended, and then I added the banana, another ice cube, and the Greek yogurt and blended again. I'm waiting for my avocados to ripen and will be adding half of a small avocado to these smoothies as well. Enjoy!

A new challenge

Alright, I have completed the Melissa Bender 30 day challenge as of last week. It was a great challenge and I love the definition I got in my abs from it. Definitely learning I need to incorporate more ab workouts into my schedule.

I am starting the 30 day challenge that Bodyrock/DailyHIIT it just finishing today. You can find the links and workout breakdowns here. I will be combining this with the T25 schedule or will be adding extra rounds on to make them longer. I didn't think I could handle 30 minutes of HIIT before but after the Melissa Bender challenge I look forward to it >:)

In addition to the BR challenge I am going to do a squat challenge; I need to work on my legs and butt. There was one circulating last year but I like this one because it incorporates 5 different squats:

narrow squatnarrow squat with kick backbasic squatbasic squat with side leg liftsumo squat

DAY OF MONTHEXERCISENUMBER OF SQUATSDay 16 reps of each30Day 210 reps of each50Day 36 reps of each, repeat 2x…

Breakfast smoothies

Hola! I had a great time in Mexico! Over-indulged but no regrets :) I got lots of sleep and sun, and had a great time altogether. Since my fridge was bare I had to do some grocery shopping. I haven't been eating my usual oatmeal so I'm trying something new for breakfast - smoothies!
I'm going to try a combination of things but the base will be half a banana, half an avocado, a handful of spinach, and coconut milk. I will try different mixes with frozen blueberries, an apple, or an orange. I will probably have this with 2 eggs in the morning for some protein or with Greek yogurt mixed in.

I loaded up my fruit basket and isn't she lovely? I bought some fresh lemons for my drinking water, I love the taste and I find I drink more water at home with the lemon in it. Those ambrosia apples are beautiful and ginormous! So my plan is to mix up my snack fruit with water I didn't put in my smoothie in the morning.
If I have time in the morning I will take pictures and post t…