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My Newest Addiction...

Hello everyone! I hope you're well and surviving the winter. Only.... 4 more months here 😆 Today I'm writing about - MAKEUP! I started dabbling with makeup in my early teens but honestly wasn't very good at it (like every 13 year old) and didn't like caking the stuff on. I also rarely had the time in the morning to do it because I was always running late. I started wearing daily make up again a few years ago and I love how it makes me feel. Before I go further I want to state that I'm not afraid to go out without makeup, I still feel beautiful without it, and it doesn't define me or who I am. I just love how you can play with your look and the confidence that comes with it. I also enjoy the process now of picking my colors and creating the look. Also, when I say "daily makeup", I mean eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara. Nothing fancy and usually was one eye shadow color. My new obsession started when I looked up a tutorial on how to do a sm