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Zumba Faves

Baked omelet

I was inspired today to make omelet bites from this video but I ended up making a one pan ordeal. My niece was at my mom's today and I wanted to see her so I took some of the ingredients with me and stopped at the store for the rest of what I didn't have. My mom doesn't have a muffin pan though, soooo I compromised.

Non meat sources of protein

So I've been doing mostly vegetarian meals for over a month now. I really don't find it that hard because like I've previously stated I was never a serious carnivore but I do find it difficult to find things that don't have meat or meat products in it. This is why I'm not ready to switch 100% right now.

Roasted veggie wrap

I made these on Saturday and they are more amazing than I expected. I adapted my recipe from this one. I'm disappointed I forgot to buy wraps from Superstore but had to settle for the smaller ones the convenience store in my building sells.

Going (mostly) vegetarian

Hello everyone, I've been pretty quiet on here again because I've been fairly busy with my social life and I pretty much eat the same thing most of the time. My cousin and her boyfriend went vegan last month and are loving it so I decided that I want to work my way to being vegan. It's too drastic of a change for me so I decided to try being vegetarian first.

Quinoa salad and hummus

I was at Costco yesterday to return some fuzzy (moldy) avocados and I wanted to pick up some hummus. On my way to the coolers I walked past their pre-mixed salads and saw this quinoa salad. I know it's more cost efficient to make it myself but I wanted something quick.

Incorporating more veggies

Even though I'm eating more carbs I've been aiming to eat more vegetables. It's amazing how good my body feels when I eat more veg. They're nutrient dense and it's hard to go over calories if you're eating mostly vegetables since they are low in calories.

More carbs :D

It feels like I write this every other post but really, my diet has been all over the place again. I failed to meal prep last week and I ate a ton of candy. I've been logging most of my food in My Fitness Pal but I end up stopping halfway through the day  because I know that it's going to be over.

Monster cookie bars

I'm on a baking kick apparently. I told my slo-pitch team that I would bring cookies for our game on Tuesday so I made the survival cookies I just posted but they're too good to give away. So I found this recipe and I had to make it. As stated in the other post most times I cut the sugar in half in recipes. This is one of those recipes.

Survival cookies - a healthier cookie

I made cookies the other night thinking they were going to be for my slo-pitch team but I gave some to my parents and the rest have found a home in my freezer where I've been eating 2-3 a day.

My new lunch bag

I bought a new lunch bag last week. I have a few but they stink from stuff leaking and one of them turns stuff onto the side which is likely what's causing the leaking. My friend and I stopped in at Walmart and Superstore before heading home from camping on the search for umbrellas. I lost my good one a few weeks ago and she has a wedding to go to today and rain is in the forecast.

Two weeks of vacation!

If you haven't noticed, I love summer. I love the heat, and HOT days. Tomorrow marks the end of my first week of vacation but I also have next week off. I started the weekend with a friend who came to visit. We went for dinner and played tourist, it was a lot of fun.

Spicy (not hot) chicken stir fry

I got home from camping today and wow did I eat... and drink, a lot of calories since Sunday. I got some biking and hiking in but with the snacking, staying up late, and drinking I was still at a caloric surplus. Needless to say I'm not feeling very great. So I bought some frozen veggies while looking for an umbrella (it's been raining her the last 2 days).
I called it spicy stir fry because it doesn't use the 'traditional' sauces, spices, or herbs that most stir fries use. This one has cumin, paprika, and chili powder.

Have you hit a plateau?

I see people at work and restaurants eating salads, yogurt, fruit, and other healthy foods and notice they're still overweight. The people at work I've seen for years eating their healthy foods but are the still the same size. What's the problem?


I know what you're thinking... "It's not winter! Why is she making chili?!" I do normally prefer salads in the summer but hey, I needed a change from my usual foods. I used the recipe on the package of the veggies as a guideline because I wanted more protein/fat and fewer carbs than the recipe called for.

Fooooood (groceries)

I wasn't going to go grocery shopping yet but I realized after making my stir fry that I'm short on veggies. I knew I wanted the broccoli slaw for PM snack but then I saw the cabbage so I had to buy it so I can roast it up, yum!

I also knew that I wanted ground beef again because I'm sick of fish and I can only do chicken once a day. When I was looking in the frozen veg section I found this bag of chili veggies. Perfect! I've bought their stir fry blend before and thought it was great so off I went to find the rest of the ingredients that I didn't have at home. You can find the recipe here.\

It's preached a lot that you need to go to the grocery store with a game plan - plan your meals, make your shopping list, and only buy what's on the list. However, if you're getting bored of the same stuff sometimes it can be beneficial to have a loose plan. Know what kind of protein or veggie you want and then find stuff at the store to go with it.

I've been t…

Chicken stir fry - peppers, broccoli, asparagus

I've been craving stir fry for over a week so that's what I'm having for lunches this week. I had broccoli and asparagus in my freezer and I have bell peppers that needed to be used.

It's finally summer!!

What a great weekend and I'm super late with posting this haha. I started it on Monday and have been busy since! I started slo pitch the other week so I have that on Tuesday evenings and then Monday evening was one of my best friend's birthday dinner.

'Taco' salad

I wanted to switch things up for my meals so I decided I wanted taco salad for lunches. I originally just wanted something with ground beef so I went from there. This salad is delicious and tastes like a taco. You could definitely add taco chips if you wanted to but I wanted to keep it lower calorie and lower in carbs. I used Kraft BBQ Ranch dressing but would have just used sour cream/Greek yogurt and salsa if I had it.


I went camping this past week from Tuesday evening to Friday afternoon. I'll admit that I over indulged this week but I'm pulling the reins in a bit today since I have a BBQ to attend. I worked out on Tuesday before camping, did cardio and abs on Wednesday in the campsite, took a rest day on Thursday, and worked out yesterday after I got home. I have this thing where I have to earn my shower. I was in desperate need of a shower since it was so hot the last few days so I wanted to do a quick workout before having one. I ended up doing 50 minutes of The Fitness Marshall's dance videos and my core is nice and sore today.


As of this past Thursday at 3:40PM I am on holidays until July 6. The above picture was pretty much how I left work that day. I haven't had time off work since I went to Cuba in January (boo hoo, I know).

Serious about getting lean

After about a month of making poor food choices I decided that I've had enough of feeling icky and fluffy. So I went grocery shopping after making a meal plan and it's definitely been paying off. I had a bit of a gluttonous weekend but far better than the last 4+.

Vlog #1, how to prep asparagus

Hey everyone!! Here is my first blog video, or vlog, if you will. I had an awesome weekend (will do a separate post) but I had to get home earlier than I normally do on a Sunday night to meal prep and do my workout since I didn't yesterday and won't be tomorrow because I'm going to a concert. As I was prepping my asparagus I was thinking about how neat this little trick is to cut it at just the right spot without wasting it or end up gnawing on it like a caveman because you left too much of the chewy stuff at the end.
Let me know what you think!! If you enjoyed the video please 'like' and share it on any social media. If you'd like me to do one on something specific please let me know and I'll see what I can do :)
Cheers, Kelsey

Baked broccoli

Oh my gosh, I can't believe how yummy this turned out. I was inspired from the veggies my cousin made when she was staying with me last year and wanted something different from steamed broccoli so I baked it!

Oh these weekends

I've said this the last few weekends, but wow I've been eating far too casually. I'll admit that it feels nice to just sit back and enjoy myself but I feel it on Monday. I feel 'fluffy', tired, and heavy. You know when you're on track - you're eating clean and nailing your workouts and you just feel like you could jump like an NBA star? Yeah, I feel the opposite of that.

Greek yogurt pancakes

It would appear that pancakes have become my new favorite breakfast. I have a few different recipes that I switch between but I have Greek yogurt to use up and I really don't care for it on its own - I like it in smoothies and now pancakes!! I have four now in my Recipe Index. They all come out a bit differently so try them all out and see which one is your favorite.

My sick long weekend

And by sick I don't mean awesome, I mean I spent all weekend without a voice and mostly at home. I had a few family things to attend but I was basically decoration that ate food.
I met up with friends on Friday night with a sore throat and by the time I got home around midnight I had no voice left. I woke up on Saturday with barely a whisper and painful coughing. I went to Ikea with my aunt on Saturday afternoon and bought myself a new coffee table and an end table for my computer. I had it sitting on a Rubbermaid bucket haha. Definitely an improvement.

Another pancake recipe

I'm always on the search for new recipes and breakfast ideas. I made these pancakes a few months ago and I liked them but I tried a variation of that recipe and have had them all three mornings of this long weekend.

Camping foods and snacks

I was supposed to leave for camping last night after visiting with a group of friends for a friend who is in from out of town but I'm sick (yes, again/still) so I decided I shouldn't go out so I can get some extra rest. I sleep bad at home and I sleep even worse at other peoples' houses and even worse in a camper or tent.

Feels great to be back on track!

I made it through yesterday without any candy, go me! This will power thing is cool :P Here is most of what I ate yesterday. Sometimes I'm just so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of my meal or snack before it's gone. For breakfast I had a spinach omelet with avocado toast.

Back on track (again)

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a super fun weekend but consumed way too many calories. Weekends are definitely the culprit for a lot of people who work out consistently but don't see any progress when it comes to losing fat.

You really cannot out exercise a bad diet and anyone who doesn't commit

My weekend - wine fest & tapas (and a hangover)

I had such a fun weekend but man did I feel like crap yesterday. Friday night I had a sundae, went for a walk, and then had a bonfire with my mom. Saturday I worked out, vacuumed, got new tires for my car, and then went to my cousin's for our own wine festival because there was one going on in Winnipeg this weekend. Her boyfriend prepared a tapas style assortment of delicious foods

My weekend - the sun has come!

It was beautiful on Saturday!! I spent the afternoon in my mom's back yard with my mom, brother, and niece. My dad joined us for supper, I made hamburgers from scratch with sauteed onions mixed in them - they were a hit! I don't know where I learned how to make burgers but I've been told by a few people that they're good.
I use an egg, oatmeal, garlic, onions, Worcestershire sauce, Heinz chili sauce, and

New 'treats'

My mom needed groceries today so I tagged along and I ended up buying a couple things even though I didn't really need anything. Cereal was on sale so I grabbed Quaker corn squares and the maple brown sugar bran squares, and a box of Special K Protein.

Planning for a night out

Happy Saturday everyone! I went out last night for a friend's birthday. We went for dinner and then to the bar to go dancing.

We went out for Indian food and it's a buffet so I knew that I would be eating lots of carbs and more calories in one sitting than I normally do. So I planned out my meals yesterday

Steak wrap

I'm obviously not feeling good if I go from 11:45AM to almost 4PM without eating haha. I'm usually counting down the minutes until my next break so I can eat.
I did indulge on a cinnamon bun for morning snack but I picked the chunks of sugar and butter out because it was too sweet. Clearly I've fallen off the 'no sugar' train but I have certainly reduced how much I'm consuming. I will aim to have zero treats tomorrow but I'm going to a buffet on Friday night so I already know I'll be having some desserts.

Sicks days (again) and grocery shopping

I've been sniffly for the past week but it hit me really bad on Friday night. I came home from work early yesterday and took an extra day to make sure I'm good enough to go back to work. I have a job where if you're not feeling good it just doesn't work. So I spent the last two days relaxing on the couch with my boys and watching Netflix.

My exhausting (but fun) weekend

Friday nights I'm usually pretty lame because I'm usually ready to sleep at 10 haha. If I don't have plans with friends I usually hang out with my mom. We either make or go for dinner and have a few drinks.
This Friday I met a friend at the mall because she had an appointment at the Apple store so before her appointment we went to a few stores. I bought a maxi dress and a maxi skirt, and surprisingly nothing else haha.

Steak lettuce wraps

On Saturday I went to a friends' place for a BBQ birthday party so I knew I'd be having a burger and some other not-so-healthy things so I wanted to have something healthy for lunch to allow for the extra carbs that evening.

I had a steak already cooked up in the fridge so I thinly sliced bell peppers, julienned a carrot, and minced some fresh garlic. In a pan over medium high heat use a tablespoon of grapeseed oil to heat up the garlic and then throw in the carrots. When they're about cooked half way through add the peppers. While those are cooking thinly slice the steak so it heats quickly.

Protein powder pancakes

I wanted something different for breakfast today so I remembered that I had seen a recipe for the protein powder I bought the other week. Here's the link and it has 20 protein pancakes recipes. I adapted from #11 because I didn't need to make that much.

My macros and training

I've been trying really hard to stay within my macros to get more definition on my stomach. I know I've said that I've come to terms with the fact that I'm not willing to give up some things to reach this goal but every once in a while I do still wish I could have more defined abs.

New computer and no treats!!!

Hello! What a great start to spring. It's officially social season since I have gone to two already and have been invited to two more. I had a lot of fun at the two I attended and got to see a bunch of people I don't normally see since I moved away from my hometown when I was 17. I'm currently planning our ten year reunion - time seriously flies by. It really is hard to believe I graduated 9 years ago but I'm proud of myself for where I am in my life. I have a great job that I still enjoy, and I have my personal training certificate which is something I am very passionate about and I also really enjoy.

Garlicky BBQ chicken breast

I finally used up all the meat and stuff I had in my freezer so I bought more chicken breast last week. I've mentioned in my last few posts that I'm really diggin' fresh garlic in dishes and I really enjoyed the sauteed onions on the BBQ chicken pizzas so I used those on this dish too.

New protein powder

I bought a new protein powder last night. I had bought the Leanfit vegan one a few months ago and I really can't stand it. The texture is super grainy no matter what I mix it with. And it's a shame because the flavor is actually really good.

BBQ chicken mini pizzas

I found this recipe the other day and I've been craving BBQ chicken pizza ever since. I had the tropical chicken pizza at Pizza Hotline a few weeks ago and it was quite lovely. I made a few changes to the above recipe because it's what I prefer and who doesn't like improving recipes?

Sunday dinners and lunch containers

I love Sundays. They're usually spent grocery shopping with my mom and oftentimes with my niece. We then usually hang out at her place and make a healthy and delicious home cooked meal. Tonight was fresh salmon marinated in garlic, soy sauce, and brown sugar, and then my brother then put it in a smoker (I now smell like a bonfire).

My new gadget

Hello!! So, I've been contemplating getting a daily activity tracker and/or workout monitor for a while now but couldn't decide on one. There are so many options and brands to choose from and they all have different pros and cons.

Meal prep for this week

I have posted these before but I have a renewed love for asparagus and I somehow forgot how amazing this cabbage is. I seriously stand at the stove when it's cooled down and just eat it with my hands.
I had half a head of cabbage from my coleslaw last week so roasted cabbage it is this week. It's a bit tricky to flip them without them falling apart so I this time I tried cutting them into wedges leaving the stem attached. It worked a little but the middle still kind of fell apart. Either way they're tasty, I'll eat them if they were just in a pile.
Preheat your oven to 425F - you'll use this temperature for the asparagus as well. Spray a baking sheet with non stick spray and lay them out so the thickest parts are on the outside of the pan to allow for more even cooking.

Protein pancakes

There are plenty of recipes out there for protein pancakes but I like simple so this is the one I whipped together earlier for breakfast. There's a good chance that there is one with the same measurements but I did not intend to 'steal' this recipe. I literally walked into my kitchen and threw stuff into my Magic Bullet blender cup.

Things and flexible eating

Here are a few meals and snacks. Remember to follow me on Instagram for more food posts and other cool stuff. Motivation baby!
This has been my morning snack this week - 99% of the time I have cottage cheese for morning snack but I switch up the fruit I eat with it. I used to have plain Greek yogurt but I don't think I can get sick of cottage cheese lol.

Food porn

First things first: isn't my little guinea pig adorable? There was a strawberry that had a little bit of mould on it so I gave it to her to nibble on. She is 7.5 years old!! That's ancient in guinea pig years and she is still healthy and spry.

Being prepared feels good

Yay for grocery shopping! My fridge was pretty empty before going shopping and now it's packed. I stuck to my goal of using the food in my fridge and freezer last week - I only have my tilapia fillets left!
Today was a hectic day. My car didn't start on Thursday morning so I had to walk on Thursday and Friday which is good because it's been beautiful the last few days, so my brother came to pick my hungover ass up at 2, stopped at my mom's to pick up his tools, he dropped me and my mom off at Costco while he ran to Canadian Tire to get a new starter for my car, picked us up and I ran into Superstore for some pieces of fruit for my fruit salad, and then we had to go to another Canadian Tire because the location we went to didn't have the part we needed. Got home and while my awesome big bro worked on my car I had to lay out my groceries and take a picture of them because I was excited to start making the food I planned out for this week!