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Garlicky BBQ chicken breast

I finally used up all the meat and stuff I had in my freezer so I bought more chicken breast last week. I've mentioned in my last few posts that I'm really diggin' fresh garlic in dishes and I really enjoyed the sauteed onions on the BBQ chicken pizzas so I used those on this dish too.

It's easier to cut chicken into thin pieces if it's still a bit frozen so I took it out of the freezer the night before I wanted to use it and I guess my fridge is pretty cold because it was still mostly frozen but soft enough to cut.

Preheat a pan over medium high heat and spray with non stick spray or use a tablespoon of your favorite oil to cook with. Throw in some minced fresh garlic and let it brown a little bit (throw it in before the pan has completely heated up otherwise it'll burn). I marinated my chicken with two tablespoons of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce and added a little more as it was cooking. The onions were already sauteed so I heated them up in the microwave and then moved them to top the chicken.

The veggies are just the Kirkland brand Normandy style vegetables steamed in the microwave with Johnny's garlic spread for seasoning.

I enjoyed a cinnamon bun earlier this day so no starchy carbs for dinner. Everything in moderation and balance. You can still enjoy the things you like if you balance out the rest of your macros and calories!


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