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Non meat sources of protein

So I've been doing mostly vegetarian meals for over a month now. I really don't find it that hard because like I've previously stated I was never a serious carnivore but I do find it difficult to find things that don't have meat or meat products in it. This is why I'm not ready to switch 100% right now.

What I've been struggling with most is getting enough complete protein. Quinoa is a complete protein so you can eat it by itself but you have to eat beans with a grain (rice, tortilla, etc.) in order for it to be a complete protein.

Definition of complete protein: "A complete protein (or whole protein) is a source of protein that contains an adequate proportion of all nine of the essential amino acids necessary for the dietary needs of humans or other animals." (Wikipedia)

So you can be eating things that you think are providing you with protein but you still need to balance it with something that completes it. Check out this link for some ideas.

The other week I made brown Jasmine rice with mushroom broth and mixed it with a bean medley and feta cheese. Boom. Complete protein. I've been using quinoa for breakfast as well as in place of rice. The mushroom broth is so tasty when you use it in place of water with rice or quinoa. Mmmmm.

I apologize for not posting any recipes lately but I'm still figuring things out. I did make an egg bake today which I will be posting tomorrow!


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