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My new lunch bag

I bought a new lunch bag last week. I have a few but they stink from stuff leaking and one of them turns stuff onto the side which is likely what's causing the leaking. My friend and I stopped in at Walmart and Superstore before heading home from camping on the search for umbrellas. I lost my good one a few weeks ago and she has a wedding to go to today and rain is in the forecast.
Walking through Walmart I found this meal bag. It's a nice size but not too big. I tried all my containers when I got home and it fits even the bigger ones I use for salads. It has a shoulder strap and a front pocket. All for $12.97.

I've been really wanting a Fitmark meal bag but the price is quite a bit more than this. However, you get a lot of stuff with their bags: shaker, vitamin organizer, meal containers, and a water bottle. If I could afford it I would still buy that one but I've been trying to cut back on my spending habits.

I will edit this post once I've used it a few times to review how long it keeps stuff cool.


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