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Zumba Faves


Happy Wednesday!! Only 2 more days until the weekend! Time sure flies when you're constantly counting down to the weekend haha. I've become very busy recently with making plans during the week because I always feel so rushed on the weekend. As much as I like relaxing on week nights its also nice to get more done during the week. As of Sunday I've stopped calorie counting. I have a good grasp on what is what and what I should be eating and it's obviously not working for me because I still don't have the defined tummy that I want. I did some consulting with my very informational cousin who has her degree in nutrition and I'm still eating too many carbs. I keep forgetting that bananas and apples are carbs! I'm going to finish the ones I have and start buying more frozen berries. Costco has awesome bags of frozen berries so I'll be making a trip there soon hopefully. I haven't been able to fit in Insanity this week and yesterday I took a rest day. To

Brazilian BBQ and cakes!

I had quite an indulgent Friday. I went to dinner with some girlfriends at a Brazilian BBQ place that recently opened up and it was amazing. The servers walk around with swords of BBQ'd meat and you can eat as much as you want for the one price. You also get to pick any sides that you want. I think I ate fairly healthy for the meal but I had a piece of cake from TWO cakes. One of the girls bought the cakes so we had cheesecake at the restaurant and she had bought another cake for when we came back to my place. That one was a chocolate cake with bananas and caramel (I think) between the layers and coated in a chocolate butter cream frosting. SO when I was invited to a BBQ yesterday I decided I'm going to be good and stay on track with a salad. Here's my salad I took yesterday: spinach, red leaf lettuce, walnuts, peppers, mushrooms, black olives, cucumber, hard boiled eggs, and Asiago cheese. For dressing I used olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Today I have an

My latest grocery trip

The other night I had my mom's car so I got to do a serious shopping trip =D My fridge was pretty empty! I bought most of the same stuff (as I usually do) but I did buy a few new things. eggs Asiago cheese (for salads!) walnuts bell peppers cucumber chocolate milk whole grain pancake mix low fat coffee cream salsa cottage cheese whole wheat English muffins dried cranberries avocados black olives unsweetened apple sauce spinach red leaf lettuce romaine lettuce bananas cremini mushrooms milk (for mom) I bought apple sauce to try some baking with and also to try in my protein bars instead of the banana. And lots of greens for salads!! Hope you all had a great weekend, I'm off to do Insanity Max Cardio conditioning. -- Kelsey

The weekend!!

Happy Friday everyone! I did some major grocery shopping last night and I realized it had been a while since I posted a grocery haul so I arranged everything on the table (just for you) and took a picture. I didn't have time to post it though so I will do that sometime this weekend. I'll admit it may take until Monday since I have a heck of a weekend ahead of me. Friend's dinner tonight, another friend's birthday party tomorrow, and my cousin's birthday party on Sunday. I'm planning on squeezing my Insanity videos in there too. I didn't bother finishing Week 4 again since there were only 2 days. I started Insanity (minus the fit test, oops) last week. My legs have been so sore, which means it's working lol. I'm hoping this will help me lean out because I don't know what else to do about getting these abs out. I feel like I eat pretty clean (aside from a treat here and there: I've been really good lately) and I can actually notice a differ

30 day Bodyrock challenge - almost to the finish line!

Good morning! It's a wonderful Saturday morning of the long weekend (here in Canada) and I've had my breakfast and my 2 cups of coffee. I can't believe that it's almost the end of the 30 day challenge! It feels like we just started it. Once week 4 is over I'm going to continue doing ZWOW's since I was having really good results from them. I find if I don't have a schedule it takes me a really long time to choose a workout. So I like doing these 30 day challenges or doing the ZWOWs in order so I don't have to go through and find one I like. I took 2 rest days this week - Monday and Friday. I don't really schedule rest days anymore. I used to do Friday and Sunday but then I started getting busy during the week and would end up missing workouts. So now I just workout every day possible (unless I'm sick or drained) in case I end up having to take a rest day. This seems to be working out good for me. I also switched my banana and almond butter

Long weekend

Good morning! (Now afternoon. I have a bad habit of starting a post and forgetting to finish it!) Is anyone doing the 30 day challenge? How are you doing with it? Do you notice any changes? I'm noticing my stomach is tightening up a bit more. My cousin also pointed out that I was doing squats wrong - I wasn't tensing all my muscles, just doing the movement of the squat and it was hurting my knees. Lesson learned (again) to research before you start doing new moves lol. I have a 4 day weekend ahead of me and I'm very excited to just be able to relax and hang out with friends and family. Hopefully get a day or two of just relaxing at home. Hopefully I can try out some new recipes to post this weekend. I've been doing really good the last few days with a clean diet. The only "treats" I've had are my protein bars, and even that is one serving a day (just over 100 cals). I'll post some pictures soon once I get some side by sides edited. Have a


I'm not quite sure what I've done differently this week but I did my measurements earlier this week and I lost quite a bit! The only change I can really think of is instead of a banana with almond butter for my morning snack, the last two days I had plain Greek yogurt with blueberries or granola. The first measurements are from April 23 and the second is from May 9 . chest -  33 1/4"        33 1/4" waist -  29 7/8"        28 1/2" belly -   33 1/4"        33 1/2"     (below belly button) hips -    37"              36 1/2"    thigh -  22"             22" Wednesday I took a rest day because I wasn't feeling good - light headed and my legs felt really weak. I ate more than I usually do yesterday too but it was all healthy stuff. I did have a bowl of cereal for dinner but I had Whole Grain Cheerios. Could have been worse! This weekend was a bit of a write off once again but it wasn't really unhealthy food - jus

Protein bars - another variation

Today I had more ingredients on hand and I bought dried figs when I was shopping yesterday so I was really excited to try them. I use a 9x11 pan and cut it into 16 pieces (4x4). Sometimes I even cut them smaller so I can have just a small bite. I entered this recipe into myfitnesspal and here is the approximate nutritional information: Calories - 115      Carbs - 12       Fat - 7       Protein - 2     Fiber - 3     Sugar - 6 Here's today's recipe and it is AMAZING! 3/4 c. quick oats 1/4 c. shredded unsweetened coconut 2 T sliced almonds 2 T flax seed 1T chia seeds 4 dried figs 3/4 small banana, mashed 4 walnut halves, chopped 2 T almond butter 1 T creamed honey 2 T coconut oil 2 tsp cocoa powder Press into a pan of your preference and put into the freezer or fridge. Melt 1/2 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips on LOW heat, as low as possible with a bit of coconut oil, stirring frequently - almost constantly to avoid burning the chocolate. Pour and spread o

Starting over... again

Well, here I am once again posting about being bad over the weekend and having to restart. I tried on a pair of shorts from last summer and they were tight! I realize my legs might be bigger from all the squats and working out but it was a bit unsettling. This weekend I indulged wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too much. Saturday was the wine festival, had lasagna for dinner with caesar salad, perogies as a late night snack with half a piece of lasagna. Sunday was filled with LOTS of desserts at the baby shower and my power was out so my mom and I had to go out for dinner. Instead of getting the salad like I have been doing when I go out to eat I got apricot and orange segments with chicken breast and shanghai noodles. I only ate half last night and had the rest for lunch today but noodles don't work with me anymore. And last night a friend of mine came over with beer and I had 3 of those bad boys. I got my lunch and snacks all packed up for tomorrow and I'm going hard this week AND weekend

My weekend

What a busy but FUN weekend I'm having. I had a nice Friday night and got to relax and play guitar for close to 3 hours. I then cleaned my kitchen at 10PM haha! Does that mean I'm growing up? lol. Yesterday I smashed out the Week 1 - Day 3 workout from the 30 day challenge and I am so sore from it, it feels so good knowing I've worked my muscles. Later I went to a wine festival and got nice and toasted (we kept it classy and got day drunk at the matinee time from 1 to 4) then went to my aunt's place to finish the evening off :) She made lasagna and I enjoyed a piece of it - everything in moderation. I also had some perogies that I was craving last night. Today I'm back to my clean eating and hopefully my body doesn't reflect what I did to it yesterday haha. Today I have a baby shower to attend (hopefully I'll stay out of the naughty finger foods) and in the evening I have a friend coming over I haven't seen in a while :) I'm not doing the B

Bodyrock May 2012 - 30 day challenge - May 2013

On days that there wasn't a video posted I have filled it in with another one that I like. I may end up switching some days with ZWOWs as I love those too. Enjoy!! WEEK 1 DAY 1 - Thursday, May 2, 2013 Set 1 2 3 - 12 minutes Squat and press (20 lbs sandbag) - 20, 18, 16 Push ups - 17, 11, 10 Ab tucks (EQ) - 15, 14, 12 Tricep dips (EQ) - 14, 13, 14 DAY 2 – Friday, May 3, 2013 I'm really not a fan of yoga so I ended up doing Turbo Fire 60 and Stretch 10. DAY 3 – Saturday, May 4, 2013 Burn: touch downs - 41, 33, 30 spider push ups - 14, 10, 13 tuck abs - 18, 14, 15 hanging knee raises - 15, 13, 15 Sculpt (using 5 lb dumbbells) bicep curl and press - 9

Working on my will power

Yesterday at work we had a food day/potluck. I used to love these food days and would pig out and eat way too much. I decided I wasn't going to participate this time because I've been working really hard on cleaning up my diet and I made some bad choices over the weekend (dessert and pizza). I brought my power salad to work and felt so good about my choice. I have to admit though that I snuck a few meatballs since they were provided by the social committee and I had some marshmallow salad. Those were some bad choices HOWEVER, I only had a little bit. Everything in moderation. I'm still happy that I abstained from participating which prevented me from making even worse decisions. I did actually say no to the huge cake that was displayed and instead took a small cookie. I also took a rest day yesterday and did a 40 minute stretch/yoga video and I hate to admit that it felt really good. I will be doing that at least once a week - but I'm aiming for two times a week.