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Zumba Faves

Fruit salad

Yesterday when I was grocery shopping I decided I'm going to have fruit salad for my purple containers. I'm still having a really hard time saying no to bad foods but I'm trying to stick to the 21 day fix meal plan as best as I can. Fruit salad is my favorite way to eat fruit because you get to eat a bunch of different fruits at once - you don't have to decide if you want a banana OR an apple. These are my favorite fruits for fruit salad. I should have grabbed a melon (cantaloupe or honeydew) but that'll have to wait until next time. I love the combination of oranges and grapefruit, the citrus just adds that something something to it and prevents the apples and bananas from turning brown. Ingredients: 1 banana 1 gala apple 1 orange 1 grapefruit 1 1/4 c grapes lemon juice I like to cut my fruit into fairly small pieces so I can have a bit of everything in every spoonful :) I cut the banana in half lengthwise and then cut into slices

Melissa Bender 30 Day Sculpted Abs Challenge

In May I started Melissa Bender's 30 day sculpted abs challenge.  I haven't finished it but I have about half left so I'm going to finish them and then I want to finish the rest of the free ZWOW's since I made it up to ZWOW #52. Here are the links to the videos and the workout breakdowns! Day #1 All Levels: Max reps during each 50 second interval, 10 seconds rest between exercise. right plank step - 18 left plank step - 17 up dog/down dog - 6 bicycle abs - 64 toe tab sit up - 8 cross plank right - 14 cross plan left - 15 bicycle boat - 20 temple tap abs - 18 knee tap plank crunch - 10 Day #2 All Levels: Max reps during each 50 second interval, 10 seconds of rest between exercises. high knees - 67 burpee - 10 lunge kick right - 20 lunge kick left - 21 mount climbers - 44 1 leg hip thrust right - 18 1 leg hip thrust left - 20 speed skater - 40 jump squat - 26 plank jack - 31 single leg stand right - 11 single leg stand left - 9 hip lift/leg li

Summer challenges

Alright... so my last post was about recommitting to the 21 Day Fix diet but I was defeated again. Sugary treats and unhealthy dinners are going to be my demise. But I refuse to quit trying. For workouts I've been doing the challenge from my friend's website, HIITmx . You sign up and you get an email every day that has your workout break down (in English, even those his website is in Spanish. If you use Google Chrome is has the option to translate it.) His workouts are awesome! They work every body part and my abs are getting more defined just in the short time I've been doing the videos. Some days I do 6 rounds for a 40 minute workout and some days I'll do 4 rounds and pair it with a Beachbody video (Focus T25, Turbo Fire, PiYo). I haven't run since last Sunday because my knee is still causing pain. I've been told that it is because my IT band it tight and it's causing pressure on my arthritic knee. I've been doing more stretching but it hasn't