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Life Update

Hey everyone. Life has been absolutely crazy this year. I'm working on my Business Analyst Certification and am doing it online. The course I started in April, I neglected and ended up having to get an extension on. My dad passed away suddenly over the May long weekend from a stroke after 4 days in the hospital. My 2.5 year relationship was on the rocks for months as well and finally ended in June. Luckily I have an amazing support system from my insanely supportive and amazing family and friends. As well as my kitties that provide healing cuddles and love.

I was trying to spend more time outside since it was summer and the summers can be pretty short here in Winnipeg. If it's nice outside I'll opt for a walk rather than my scheduled workout. I'm still trying to do my weights three times a week though. These walks outside have resulted in a tan (even though I  use sunscreen) and beautiful pictures of Winnipeg.
At the duck pond at Assiniboine Park.
Sunset from my frien…