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My Meals Lately

Hello friends! I know I haven't been blogging much the past few years but I honestly eat a lot of the same stuff so I haven't been creating new dishes to share on here. I have a hard time eating enough vegetables so I try to make one meal a day that has a giant portion of them to make up for the rest of the day. It's usually a salad but my other fave way to squeeze them in is roasting or BBQ'ing them. I love potatoes so I've been opting for an egg and potato scramble for breakfast over my usual egg and spinach sandwich. Topped with cheese, ketchup, and Frank's. Spring mix with peppers, red onion, and cucumber, topped with Kraft Asian sesame dressing. It's high in calories but you can buy the lower calorie option as well. I love this dressing. Side of a Kirkland garden burger with Frank's and sour cream. I don't normally buy veggie substitutes but I saw these and I don't regret finding them haha. These are the Yves veggie