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Zumba Faves

Bodyrock/Daily HIIT January 2014 - 30 Day Challenge

The DailyHIIT started a new challenge at the beginning of January and I'm excited to give it a try. It's back to the old format so I plan on adding rounds to make them longer. Click on the day number to view the link on their website. Day #1 10 seconds rest & 50 seconds work as below for 12 rounds. You will Complete the following 4 exercises 3 times through. (plank for the 10 second rests). I added skipping every second exercise to make it longer and for some extra cardio. I did 5 rounds for a 30 minute workout. Workout Breakdown: 1. Push Up & Spider Touch – (L&R Alternate) - 8, 8, 8, 8, 8 2. Forward & backward Lunge & Jump - Left Leg – using the Sandbag  - 7, 8, 9, 10, 8 *skipping 3. Forward & backward Lunge & Jump – Right Leg – using the Sandbag  - 8, 7, 7, 8, 9 4. C Sit Rope Pull Abs - 32, 30, 34, 38, 29 *skipping ---------------------------------------------------- Day #2 10 seconds rest & 30 seconds work. You will Complete t

Pre Mexico lunches

I'm heading to Mexico next week on Monday so I need to do some last minute damage control. Healthy lunches all week and lots of veggies! Here's what I've been taking to work this week: Morning snack - plain non-fat Greek yogurt and fruit salad (melon, grapefruit, orange, blueberries, apple, and banana) Lunch - salmon, steamed broccoli, and yams (first picture) Afternoon snack - if I'm hungry in the afternoon I'm bringing the sweet kale salad I've become addicted to. It's so good. Where I live you can only buy it at Costco and Superstore. I have the rest of the Bender challenge scheduled to post on my facebook page every day. I'm getting really good results from it, I hope you are too!

30 day Melissa Bender Challenge

Here is the link for the 30 Day challenge by Melissa Bender. I'm on day #13 and I love her workouts so far. They're a nice change up from Bodyrock and there are new moves and I notice a huge difference in my core already. Click on the Day # to link to Melissa's blog to watch the video. I wasn't going to post my results but decided I'd like to keep track on here too. Day #1 Max reps during each 50 second interval, 10 seconds of rest between exercises. 1. High Knees - 146 2. Spiderman Push-ups - 10 3. Russians - 40 (10 lb hand weight) 4. Warrior Deadlift (right) - 9 (25 lb sandbag) 5. Warrior Deadlift (left) - 10 (25 lb sandbag) 6. Mountain Climbers - 100 7. Temple Tap Abs - 24 8. Frog Hopper - 10 9. Curtsy Lunge Kick (right) - 13 10. Curtsy Lunge Kick (left) - 14 11. Burpee - 8 12. Heel Tap Plank - 12 13. Plank Pop-Up - 8 14. Plie Squat - 20 15. High Knees - 146 Day #2 Beginner: 10 reps, 30 seconds timed Intermediate: 15 reps, 45 secon

First week of the 30 day challenge

How is everyone doing with the challenge? I've been a bit behind because I have taken a few extra rest days. I'm hoping to workout tonight but some health issues have prevented me the last few days. I am on Day 8 of the Melissa Bender challenge - the plank and jump rope video. This looks like a killer and I can't wait to do it :) Did you make New Year's resolutions? How are you doing with them? I don't make New Year's resolutions because you can make changes any time of the year, any day of the week. It doesn't take a new year to become a better you! If you're following the challenge let me know how you're doing! And remember I post the workout daily on my facebook page .

A New Year, A New You: How to get started :)

I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve. I had a quiet evening: went for drinks at my boyfriend's friends' place and then to the Keg for a late dinner of steak and yumminess. Got home around 11 and the boyfriend was sleeping within a few minutes lol. I refused to go to bed before midnight so I found a countdown on TV, wished him a happy new year and crawled into bed at 12:05AM haha. I had a friend message me asking me for some tips so I'm dedicating this post to her and anyone else who wants to start making changes and steps towards a better and healthier you. First, I want to share my favorite websites for free workouts - no excuses. Also, most of them don't require equipment and are under 20 minutes. They are all great resources for food and recipe ideas as well. Fitness Blender  - Millionaire Hoy - The Fitness Marshall - Zuzka Light -