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Zumba Faves

My weekend - the sun has come!

It was beautiful on Saturday!! I spent the afternoon in my mom's back yard with my mom, brother, and niece. My dad joined us for supper, I made hamburgers from scratch with sauteed onions mixed in them - they were a hit! I don't know where I learned how to make burgers but I've been told by a few people that they're good.
I use an egg, oatmeal, garlic, onions, Worcestershire sauce, Heinz chili sauce, and

New 'treats'

My mom needed groceries today so I tagged along and I ended up buying a couple things even though I didn't really need anything. Cereal was on sale so I grabbed Quaker corn squares and the maple brown sugar bran squares, and a box of Special K Protein.

Planning for a night out

Happy Saturday everyone! I went out last night for a friend's birthday. We went for dinner and then to the bar to go dancing.

We went out for Indian food and it's a buffet so I knew that I would be eating lots of carbs and more calories in one sitting than I normally do. So I planned out my meals yesterday

Steak wrap

I'm obviously not feeling good if I go from 11:45AM to almost 4PM without eating haha. I'm usually counting down the minutes until my next break so I can eat.
I did indulge on a cinnamon bun for morning snack but I picked the chunks of sugar and butter out because it was too sweet. Clearly I've fallen off the 'no sugar' train but I have certainly reduced how much I'm consuming. I will aim to have zero treats tomorrow but I'm going to a buffet on Friday night so I already know I'll be having some desserts.

Sicks days (again) and grocery shopping

I've been sniffly for the past week but it hit me really bad on Friday night. I came home from work early yesterday and took an extra day to make sure I'm good enough to go back to work. I have a job where if you're not feeling good it just doesn't work. So I spent the last two days relaxing on the couch with my boys and watching Netflix.

My exhausting (but fun) weekend

Friday nights I'm usually pretty lame because I'm usually ready to sleep at 10 haha. If I don't have plans with friends I usually hang out with my mom. We either make or go for dinner and have a few drinks.
This Friday I met a friend at the mall because she had an appointment at the Apple store so before her appointment we went to a few stores. I bought a maxi dress and a maxi skirt, and surprisingly nothing else haha.

Steak lettuce wraps

On Saturday I went to a friends' place for a BBQ birthday party so I knew I'd be having a burger and some other not-so-healthy things so I wanted to have something healthy for lunch to allow for the extra carbs that evening.

I had a steak already cooked up in the fridge so I thinly sliced bell peppers, julienned a carrot, and minced some fresh garlic. In a pan over medium high heat use a tablespoon of grapeseed oil to heat up the garlic and then throw in the carrots. When they're about cooked half way through add the peppers. While those are cooking thinly slice the steak so it heats quickly.

Protein powder pancakes

I wanted something different for breakfast today so I remembered that I had seen a recipe for the protein powder I bought the other week. Here's the link and it has 20 protein pancakes recipes. I adapted from #11 because I didn't need to make that much.

My macros and training

I've been trying really hard to stay within my macros to get more definition on my stomach. I know I've said that I've come to terms with the fact that I'm not willing to give up some things to reach this goal but every once in a while I do still wish I could have more defined abs.

New computer and no treats!!!

Hello! What a great start to spring. It's officially social season since I have gone to two already and have been invited to two more. I had a lot of fun at the two I attended and got to see a bunch of people I don't normally see since I moved away from my hometown when I was 17. I'm currently planning our ten year reunion - time seriously flies by. It really is hard to believe I graduated 9 years ago but I'm proud of myself for where I am in my life. I have a great job that I still enjoy, and I have my personal training certificate which is something I am very passionate about and I also really enjoy.

Garlicky BBQ chicken breast

I finally used up all the meat and stuff I had in my freezer so I bought more chicken breast last week. I've mentioned in my last few posts that I'm really diggin' fresh garlic in dishes and I really enjoyed the sauteed onions on the BBQ chicken pizzas so I used those on this dish too.

New protein powder

I bought a new protein powder last night. I had bought the Leanfit vegan one a few months ago and I really can't stand it. The texture is super grainy no matter what I mix it with. And it's a shame because the flavor is actually really good.

BBQ chicken mini pizzas

I found this recipe the other day and I've been craving BBQ chicken pizza ever since. I had the tropical chicken pizza at Pizza Hotline a few weeks ago and it was quite lovely. I made a few changes to the above recipe because it's what I prefer and who doesn't like improving recipes?