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New computer and no treats!!!

Hello! What a great start to spring. It's officially social season since I have gone to two already and have been invited to two more. I had a lot of fun at the two I attended and got to see a bunch of people I don't normally see since I moved away from my hometown when I was 17. I'm currently planning our ten year reunion - time seriously flies by. It really is hard to believe I graduated 9 years ago but I'm proud of myself for where I am in my life. I have a great job that I still enjoy, and I have my personal training certificate which is something I am very passionate about and I also really enjoy.

Excuse the messy table but I bought myself a new computer this week :) My laptop has been driving me crazy the last few months. I bought it over 6 years ago so I think she's done her time lol. I picked this one because it's a desktop but doesn't have a tower so I can move it around if necessary. It's currently on my coffee table because I need to get a different computer table since the one I have my laptop on won't support this one. I'm hoping to test out the camera on this one and I will possibly be able to make videos for exercise descriptions.

This was my delicious dinner tonight. I'm seriously in love with these black bean burgers from Costco. They just have such a great flavor and are nomnomnom. I had a heaping cup of steamed veggies and fat free plain Greek yogurt as sour cream.

I haven't had any candy or chocolate since Sunday. If anyone knows me or has been following my blog you will know that I'm a sugar addict. I quit smoking but for some reason couldn't quit sugar, which is a testament to how addictive sugar can be. I'm not sure what clicked or what happened but I've been saying 'no' when asked if I want a treat and have been ignoring the chocolate bar I have in my desk. I do have a planned treat tomorrow because I want to allow myself something to prevent a binge which is a mistake that a lot of people make.

They completely cut off their favorite things and end up sabotaging their diets. Plan for these things and allow yourself to eat your favorite foods or treats a 1-2 times a week.

I started Insanity on Monday to trim up for summer. I've done it a few times before but wasn't eating completely clean so I didn't really see results. I'm excited to see my progress after this round since I seem to have a hold on this sugar thing. I took pictures on Monday but didn't take measurements, I shall do that tomorrow morning.

I've been crushing my diet since Monday: for breakfast I have either my spinach omelet with avocado toast, or cottage cheese with a grated apple and cereal. Lunch is a big salad with chicken and a few croutons. And dinner is either the spinach omelet if I didn't have that for breakfast, or a black bean burger with steamed veggies.

I forgot how good it feels when you're following a good plan and making the right decisions. As much as I want some chocolate it feels better to know that I had the will power to say no and occupy myself with something else.

I have also been replacing the cravings with frozen pineapple chunks and it's been hitting the sweet spot (pun intended).


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