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Zumba Faves

Veggie quesadilla

Instead of going out for my cousin's birthday (on her actual birthday) we headed over to my mom's place and made a delicious dinner of french onion soup (packaged) and home made quesadillas. We didn't add any protein because we were already eating fairly late but you can always add chicken, fish, etc. The filling is: spinach fried onions fried mushrooms cheese sliced tomatoes Use cooking spray or a bit of oil in a large preheated pan over medium-low heat. You can assemble the quesadilla on a cutting board but I find the transfer is a bit hard so I do it in the pan. Put on a layer of cheese at the base - we used sliced havarti. Then put your onions, mushrooms, spinach, and tomatoes, and top with another layer of cheese. I did sprinkle some feta in between the spinach and tomato for some extra flavor. Fold the tortilla over the other half and let it warm through. When it is brown or slightly crispy flip it over and let it crisp up on the other side. Dep

3 days of dining out

This past weekend was a lot of dining out for me. Friday and Saturday night, and brunch on Sunday morning. I've been doing a lot of eating out in the last 4 months. Since I have broken up with my boyfriend 4 weeks ago though, I've cut back since I much prefer to eat at home. It's less expensive and you know what is in your food. :) So Friday night I went out with a friend for drinks and dinner at Boston Pizza. I was very close to ordering a pizza but I made pizza on Wednesday night and I had eaten pizza for the last two nights. Instead I went for the starter size Mediterranean salad and a fishbowl of booze. I know alcohol isn't clean but you have to find a balance between clean eating and living your life. On Saturday night we went out to celebrate my cousin's birthday, which was on Monday. We went to a restaurant that I'm not too familiar with so I didn't know what would be good. I was really craving a burger so I got their cheese burger wit

Tuna boats #2

Before my cousin and I went grocery shopping I had slim pickins in my fridge so on Saturday evening I whipped up this tuna salad that we enjoyed with romaine leaves as the wraps for dinner. It turned out way better than I was expecting! 1 can of tuna half a small avocado, mashed 1/4 c. chopped cucumber 4 pitted black olives 1/4 of a gala apple chopped onion feta cheese romaine leaves Drain the tuna and fluff it up in your mixing bowl. Mash the half an avocado on the cutting board or in the bowl and mix with the tuna. Add in the cucumber, black olives, and apple. Season as desired: I used salt and pepper, and some Clubhouse Greek seasoning. Mix in your feta cheese and you're set! Load them onto your romaine leaf and enjoy. The apple really added a nice touch (thanks Crystal! She suggested adding it) because I could tell it was missing something but couldn't figure out what. This made enough for 2 and I was stuffed after.

Lunches - steak and (sweet) potatoes

I have the day off today and I didn't have time to prep on Sunday so I'm prepping lunches today. I have my cousin staying with me for a month while she does her practicum at our local newspaper and it's fun because we share a passion for eating healthy and working out. Last night we went grocery shopping because my fridge was bare! My fruit bowl looks amazing! My cousin eats way more fruit than me; I usually just eats bananas and apples, and sometimes a fruit salad with grapefruit and oranges. We got mangoes, pears, nectarines, bananas, grapefruit, and oranges. I had frozen vegetables in my freezer so I steamed them in my rice cooker using a metal basket. Seasoned with coconut oil, pepper, and Clubhouse Greek seasoning. I picked up some steak last night since it was under $4.00. Seasoned with some steak seasoning and BBQ sauce, and pan fried to medium well. For my carbs/starch I baked some sweet potatoes. I tossed them in some olive oil, spr

Insanity - Round 2

I realized I haven't posted in a while.. and I've abandoned some more  programs. I know it is a bad habit but I liked doing workouts that work for me and my schedule. I started Jamie Eason's Livefit trainer from and it was a really great workout but I got frustrated with the gym in my building. I can tell I would have wicked arms if I continued that program; if you have access to a gym I would suggest giving it a try! I started the Melissa Bender challenge she posted in December too but I was sick for a few days and my knee was hurting from Mexico so I was taking it easy. I was still doing them every other day and have done up to Day 9. On Tuesday I started Insanity because I've been fairly lenient on what I'm consuming and have gained some inches again. The problem with Insanity is that I sometimes don't have 40 minutes to workout every day so I would stop the program. However, this time I plan on subbing out for a T25 video if I don

New containers!

Does anyone else get excited about new containers?! haha. I know, I'm lame. I've been noticing for a few months that my lunch containers have been leaking so I thought it was time to retire them when I saw these on sale at Superstore. I think they were regularly around $20.00 but they were on sale for $11.00. I really like them because they have quite a variety of sizes and the lids and nesting containers make them really easy to store and pull out. I was previously using Ziploc reusable containers but these are a bit heavier plastic and were about the same price for a better quality. I'm too cheap to throw out the Ziploc ones so they'll be retired to storing food in the fridge instead of being used for work lunches.