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Veggie quesadilla

Instead of going out for my cousin's birthday (on her actual birthday) we headed over to my mom's place and made a delicious dinner of french onion soup (packaged) and home made quesadillas. We didn't add any protein because we were already eating fairly late but you can always add chicken, fish, etc.

The filling is:

  • spinach
  • fried onions
  • fried mushrooms
  • cheese
  • sliced tomatoes
Use cooking spray or a bit of oil in a large preheated pan over medium-low heat. You can assemble the quesadilla on a cutting board but I find the transfer is a bit hard so I do it in the pan.

Put on a layer of cheese at the base - we used sliced havarti. Then put your onions, mushrooms, spinach, and tomatoes, and top with another layer of cheese. I did sprinkle some feta in between the spinach and tomato for some extra flavor. Fold the tortilla over the other half and let it warm through.

When it is brown or slightly crispy flip it over and let it crisp up on the other side. Depending on you stove/pan it can vary between 4-8 min on each side. When it's done transfer to a plate and use a pizza slicer to cut it into 4 sections.

We dipped our yummy quesadillas in salsa, light sour cream, and my home made guacamole. I couldn't even finish my quesadilla, it was so filling!


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