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Soup Season

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and rang in the new year how they wanted to. I stayed home with my cats with a sore throat. I realized that it was my first NYE alone. There are years that I stayed home but it was always with the guy I was with at the time, my parents, or friends. It felt a bit weird but I knew I'd feel even worse today if I tried venturing out. I still woke up congested and sneezing but my throat definitely would have been more raw had I gone out. I got to leave work early yesterday because it was so slow so I promptly made a pot of soup to remedy this dang cold. I don't follow a recipe anymore, I just kind of throw whatever I have in the fridge and it always turns out amazing. You can use whatever pasta, rice, or grain you like in your soup. I like barley and bow ties in mine but sometimes throw in wild rice instead of barley. I also like flat yolkless noodles in my soups. I prefer my soups more 'meaty', almost like a stew. Broth is