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Zumba Faves


I actually didn't need to do much grocery shopping this week. I ate out on Thursday, had a BBQ at my mom's on Friday, and wasn't home on Saturday afternoon until Sunday evening. I still had my bagged salad, carrots, and stir fry. All I had to pick up was some more fruit and some protein. For lunches I cooked up 3 chicken breasts seasoned with Clubhouse Greek seasoning. Chopped them up and measured them out with the protein container. For carbs I cubed a yam and steamed them in a pan and then added some coconut oil once they were soft so they would brown a bit. So my lunches are chicken breast, yam, and sweet kale salad. Cheese is allowed in this program so I bought some since it was on sale. I also bought some large flake oats to try out since overnight oats are better with these and I only normally buy quick oats. (This post has been pending for a few weeks... thought I should finish it) I have to say the large flake oats are really good for using as overnight o