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Working on my will power

Yesterday at work we had a food day/potluck. I used to love these food days and would pig out and eat way too much. I decided I wasn't going to participate this time because I've been working really hard on cleaning up my diet and I made some bad choices over the weekend (dessert and pizza).

I brought my power salad to work and felt so good about my choice. I have to admit though that I snuck a few meatballs since they were provided by the social committee and I had some marshmallow salad. Those were some bad choices HOWEVER, I only had a little bit. Everything in moderation. I'm still happy that I abstained from participating which prevented me from making even worse decisions. I did actually say no to the huge cake that was displayed and instead took a small cookie.

I also took a rest day yesterday and did a 40 minute stretch/yoga video and I hate to admit that it felt really good. I will be doing that at least once a week - but I'm aiming for two times a week.

What decisions have you made that you feel really good about lately?


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