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Here are a few meals and snacks. Remember to follow me on Instagram for more food posts and other cool stuff. Motivation baby!

This has been my morning snack this week - 99% of the time I have cottage cheese for morning snack but I switch up the fruit I eat with it. I used to have plain Greek yogurt but I don't think I can get sick of cottage cheese lol.

This was lunch on Tuesday and it was lovely. It kept me full until after my workout! Ham, turkey, and roast beef deli meat on grainy bread with dijon mustard and a romaine leaf. No butter or mayo, the mustard provides enough flavor. And my citrus Asian coleslaw.

After my sandwich for lunch I wasn't super hungry but I wanted to eat something to fuel my workout in a few hours. So I had some rotisserie chicken and baked asparagus.

This was my lunch today. I planned out my meals today around a Tim Horton's bagel that I planned on getting for breakfast. I haven't had a bagel since September lol. They happen so little that I remember the last time I had one. It's just not worth having to plan around the extra carbs and calories sometimes. Anyway, my friend and I were running later than expected so we didn't have time for a Timmy's run so we went through the McDonald's drive through that is beside our work. I got a McMuffin instead, no hashbrown :( haha. So I opted for a fluffy cinnamon bun in lieu of my much coveted bagel and cream cheese. It was a good compromise if you ask me ;)

The thing about eating healthy is most people think it means having to give up the things you love. The thing people don't realize about cutting those things out is that you are more likely to fall off your meal plan and then end up binging on poor food choices. If you allow these little things a few times a week (as long as your fitness goals aren't fitness competitions), you can still have abs, be healthy, AND enjoy the things you love.

You have to plan for these things though. I knew that I was going to have a high carb breakfast so I planned the rest of my meals low carb, except for my dinner which is my post workout meal. Remember to track EVERYTHING you put in your mouth - foods, drinks, condiments. Lots of people fail to realized just how much they're consuming because they forget about the little things that can really add up.

Use a calorie tracker (my favorite is My Fitness Pal) to track your food and macros and you will be on the right track. Use a website like www.iifym.com to calculate your macros based on your fitness goals and input those into the tracker. Then plan your meals.

A good guide for planning meals is to incorporate a lean protein, a fibrous carb (vegetable), and a starchy carb (potato, rice, oatmeal, etc) in every meal, with 2 or 3 snacks of lean protein and a piece of fruit or veg.

Another piece of advice I'd like to give you for losing weight and/or maintaining your weight is to not let weekends ruin your progress. To lose you have to stay at a weekly deficit and if you eat 3000+ calories each day on the weekend you have just made all your effort during the week pointless. I think this is the hardest thing for me the last few months with eating out and drinks. I notice most weekends I don't put my food into my tracker because I know it's over the daily target lol. This is obviously not good. If you know you're not going to track it try not to eat it OR plan the rest of your meals to allow for this treat or glass (or bottle) of wine.

NEVER give up on your journey. Shit happens but you pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Don't dwell on the poor decisions you made, whether it be health, food, or just your life, and move forward. Dwelling on the past won't solve anything and will only make you feel worse - look forward and make a plan to get yourself back on the right track. <3


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