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Sunday dinners and lunch containers

I love Sundays. They're usually spent grocery shopping with my mom and oftentimes with my niece. We then usually hang out at her place and make a healthy and delicious home cooked meal. Tonight was fresh salmon marinated in garlic, soy sauce, and brown sugar, and then my brother then put it in a smoker (I now smell like a bonfire).

Potatoes were tossed with olive oil and an Epicure seasoning mix and roasted on the barbecue. It was a beautiful day here in Winnipeg today! And of course a lovely fresh salad with romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, and a lemon ginger dressing.

I was packing my lunch for tomorrow when I got home and put my groceries away, and I realized that this container was perfect for my lunches. I bought two of them a few years ago but haven't really used them. They're not quite big enough for salads but they're great for your fruit, raw veggies, wraps, and sandwiches. I had to kind of jam my wrap in there though because of the lettuce - I left the leaf whole so the spine made it difficult to fold the ends in and make it smaller lol. It's also great for your banana so it doesn't get all bruised if you don't have a banana holder.

This is all I'm taking tomorrow! I usually have 3-4 containers so this definitely saves some space in my lunch bag.


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