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My weekend - wine fest & tapas (and a hangover)

I had such a fun weekend but man did I feel like crap yesterday. Friday night I had a sundae, went for a walk, and then had a bonfire with my mom. Saturday I worked out, vacuumed, got new tires for my car, and then went to my cousin's for our own wine festival because there was one going on in Winnipeg this weekend. Her boyfriend prepared a tapas style assortment of delicious foods
so I ate lighter than normal leading up to the wine fest. For lunch I had the above salad: seasoned chicken breast and kale salad. I think I had half a banana or something else with it.

These were the delicious noms I was saving the calories for! Homemade foccacia to be smother in romesco sauce, tapinade, and bruschetta. Smashed baby potatoes with fresh dill and yumminess, prawns, and short ribs with a balsamic sauce. It was all worth being hungry for a few hours haha.

We each brought a bottle or two of wine. Needless to say calories were definitely consumed and there's no doubt that I was still over my calorie goals for the day but we did burn 500+ dancing. I woke up in the morning and my activity tracker said I was already at 88% for the day!! I've always been curious how many calories I burn dancing at the bar. (edit* I also stopped at Burger King at 2AM for a poutine and Jr Whopper).

As I mentioned previously I felt pretty awful yesterday but I still made it out to spend the afternoon with my family <3 My parents, brother, and I walked around taking my niece on rides at the fair. It was nice because some rides required adult supervision but you didn't have to have a wrist band or tickets to go on with them. She had a blast and can't wait to go back next weekend, and neither can I :)

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as I did. Also, what do you think of the new color scheme and theme?


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