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Oh these weekends

I've said this the last few weekends, but wow I've been eating far too casually. I'll admit that it feels nice to just sit back and enjoy myself but I feel it on Monday. I feel 'fluffy', tired, and heavy. You know when you're on track - you're eating clean and nailing your workouts and you just feel like you could jump like an NBA star? Yeah, I feel the opposite of that.

On my walk home the other Friday I saw three geese families chilling by the river. They were so cute I stopped to watch them for a few minutes.

Last Sunday was so much fun - I hung out with some of my best friends for a majority of the day. :) We got together in the morning and made brunch together, and it was epic as you can tell by that mountain of waffles. ;) We then played Jack Box on PS3 for a while and then departed from Justina's house. Amanda and her boyfriend Dave invited us over for ribs because they 'needed help eating them'. You don't have to ask me twice.

Between brunch and dinner Justina and I hit up the mall with my Pops. I think I may have found my new favorite store: Ardene. I bought 2 dresses and 8 shirts for $99. The top two dresses were the ones that I bought that day. The bottom left was $13.99 at Costco, the bottom right was $10 at Urban Behavior, and the shirt in the bottom right was one of the shirts I bought at Ardene. I'm turning into a girl!!

After shopping we headed to my mom's place until Amanda let us know when she was home from some grocery shopping for our noms and then we headed down. She put out this amazing and delicious spread (I wouldn't say that these foods are necessarily unhealthy, but calorie dense for sure) while Dave barbecued the ribs :D

Isn't that a beautiful picture? There is no filter on that, that's when you know it's a thing of beauty.

To finish the night we enjoyed each others' company and sipped on some more wine. These girls are my longest and closest friends, and as you can see we bring out the best in each other. I'm extremely blessed to have so many amazing people in my life. Both friends and family. Surround yourself with positive and like-minded people and you'll find happiness and support.



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