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Serious about getting lean

After about a month of making poor food choices I decided that I've had enough of feeling icky and fluffy. So I went grocery shopping after making a meal plan and it's definitely been paying off. I had a bit of a gluttonous weekend but far better than the last 4+. 

My main goal was just to eat more veggies throughout the day and when you're eating fibrous carbs instead of starchy carbs it just reduces your calories without much effort. I like to have a carby breakfast and/or dinner, depending on when I workout that day. I normally have a carby breakfast to get my day going, but I also try to do carb tapering which is when you reduce your carb intake throughout the day. But when I workout after work it makes no sense to do that since your body is fueled by carbs.

Breakfast lately is usually protein pancakes, eggs on toast, or grated apple with cottage cheese and cereal. Morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack are lean proteins with either salad or steamed veggies (broccoli or asparagus), and dinner is lean protein, veggie, and a small serving of starchy carbs. If you're unfamiliar with fibrous carbs vs starchy carbs, fibrous means vegetable and starchy means potatoes, rice, etc. (I highly recommend you to read Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle if you want more information on these terms and if you want information on how to build a meal plan - unless you want me to do that for you!! Check out my business page for services offered)

Friday morning I worked out before work since I was on late shift and I friggin' rocked it. I did a Nike Training Club workout because I enjoy them and I was between programs. I had a nice carby breakfast which is perfect for post workout and enjoyed a fresh cup of coffee with my breakfast after my shower. Mornings are a great way to set the mood for you day - make something you really like for breakfast, savor it, and prepare yourself for the day ahead.

On Saturday I killed cardio and abs. I created a new program that I made for a client and I am starting it this week. I love the format of it and all workouts are under 45 minutes (mine end up being over an hour because I do so much stretching). As shown above with my heart rate monitor if you push yourself to your max, you can burn major calories in a short period of time. I don't know about you but I'd rather get my workout done and go about my day instead of having to exercise for hours. What about you?

I realize I haven't been posting much lately other than what I do over the weekend but it is summer after all :) I do eat the same thing pretty much every day for a few weeks/months until I get sick of it so I will continue to post food if I find or make something new.



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