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As of this past Thursday at 3:40PM I am on holidays until July 6. The above picture was pretty much how I left work that day. I haven't had time off work since I went to Cuba in January (boo hoo, I know).

After work I went to the mall to look into getting my phone replaced (the battery keeps draining and it freezes all the time) and on my way home I stopped at the LC (Liquor Commission for those of you who don't live here) and picked up a box'o'wine because, well it's summer and I'm on vacation!!

That night my friend messaged me to come sit on her deck and enjoy some wine, and it was a perfect start to my time off :) I did bring my box of wine but she had already opened this one. It was quite good if you're looking for a new wine to try.

On Friday I went to the gym with my cousin (my first time working out in a gym), we did a circuit to start with: 10x box jump squats, sled pushes (to line and back), 30 seconds battle ropes, 10x squat thrusters, twice through. And then did good mornings, tricep dips, pull ups, leg raises, bicep curls, and leg curls. I still don't have a desire to get a gym membership but it was fun and I'd go again and just pay the drop in fee.

We headed back to her place for a quick snack then headed to Costco. I bought lots of veggies and some fruit, and a rotisserie chicken. I'm going camping on Tuesday so I wanted stuff that's easy to take. I'll post some pictures of my camping meals. And after Costco we sat in her back yard drinking sangria and soaking up the sun. My mom joined us when she was done work and my cousin's boyfriend prepared an amazing steak dinner for us.

I want to talk about this Youtube channel I found last week. I've always loved dancing and have been looking for a good dance cardio video so I searched on Youtube and found The Fitness Marshall! I'm in love! The choreography is so fun, makes you feel like a good dancer, and he makes me laugh. On Thursday I had planned on taking a rest day but after walking to the mall I was already sweaty so I figured, "why not?" It may be cardio but it works your entire body. My heart rate monitor tells me that I've burned 277 calories in 36 minutes, 434 calories in 42 minutes, and 527 calories in 55 minutes. I like to think I'm pretty conditioned but these are challenging and have me soaked in sweat by the third song. And they're so fun that you don't realize how long you have been working out for.

I plan on working out while camping so I'm going to have to come up with a body weight circuit and will do the cardio circuit from my program I'm currently following.

-- Kelsey


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