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Incorporating more veggies

Even though I'm eating more carbs I've been aiming to eat more vegetables. It's amazing how good my body feels when I eat more veg. They're nutrient dense and it's hard to go over calories if you're eating mostly vegetables since they are low in calories.

I forgot to take a picture of my Costco haul on Sunday but I bought way too much. I won't be shopping for a while since I have a ton of meat I need to use now. I still had some chicken breasts, black bean burgers, and sole fillets in the freezer and I ended up buying a huge package of ground beef. I guess I'm set for a while.

I also bought a ton of veggies so that's also forcing me to eat more vegetables so they don't go bad, haha. While I was at Costco though I was thinking about what to make for lunches and I remember that my cousin was nice enough to share her garden cucumbers with me. So I bought a box of tomatoes, a bag of peppers, and feta cheese for a delicious salad.

Chop the veggies into bite-sized pieces, add olive oil, balsamic and white vinegar, herbs, fresh garlic, and feta cheese for the most tasty salad ever. I mince the garlic very fine or use a fine grater and I use half a clove.

This was lunch the other Saturday: the above salad and 6 oz of lean ground beef.

Another great way to eat more veggies is to sautee spinach. I love it with avocado toast and eggs.


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