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Hello!! So, I've been contemplating getting a daily activity tracker and/or workout monitor for a while now but couldn't decide on one. There are so many options and brands to choose from and they all have different pros and cons.

I decided on the Polar A300 because it has the daily and sleep tracking, and comes with an optional heart rate strap for workouts. It wasn't cheap but so far I think it was worth it, for ME. Depending on your fitness goals and how serious you are about losing/maintaining weight this could be for you.

I like that you can order different color straps for it as well because I was going to get black but I wanted something more exciting than black so got pink for now and will order some other colors when I feel like it.

Wearing the heart rate strap is fine, if you're a girl it basically blends in with your bra band and you can't feel it. It doesn't need to be super tight. There are six screens you can have displayed while you're working out. I like seeing the time and current heart rate, and the second screen I check is the total calories burned.

The above picture is from doing a Turbo Jam and the one below was circuit training. I found it interesting that the circuit training said I had a fat burning state of 24 minutes whereas the 'fitness dancing' (Turbo Jam) said I only had 6 minutes of fat burning. I guess that's why circuit training is so effective?

I've worn it since Monday evening when I picked it up from the UPS store and I was pleased to find out that it was already charged so you can wear it right after setting it up.
I started writing this post on Wednesday and it's now Friday so I've had a few more days of wearing it. Overall I think it's a great investment but with Myfitnesspal it really isn't telling me anything I already didn't know. And surprisingly my $60 heart rate monitor was fairly accurate with calories burned considering it only asks for your age.

 This is the information it gives you from a recorded workout:


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