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Hello everyone! I hope you're well and surviving the winter. Only.... 4 more months here 😆 Today I'm writing about - MAKEUP!

I started dabbling with makeup in my early teens but honestly wasn't very good at it (like every 13 year old) and didn't like caking the stuff on. I also rarely had the time in the morning to do it because I was always running late.

I started wearing daily make up again a few years ago and I love how it makes me feel. Before I go further I want to state that I'm not afraid to go out without makeup, I still feel beautiful without it, and it doesn't define me or who I am. I just love how you can play with your look and the confidence that comes with it. I also enjoy the process now of picking my colors and creating the look. Also, when I say "daily makeup", I mean eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara. Nothing fancy and usually was one eye shadow color.

My new obsession started when I looked up a tutorial on how to do a smokey eye look. I found Jaclyn Hill on YouTube and I was hooked. I loved how many looks you could create and how you can manipulate features with highlighting and contouring. There are now a few other make up vloggers I follow and I find myself also watching them now because I think these people are hilarious and I enjoy watching them on screen.

The makeup influencers that I love are:
  • Haley Jordan is one of The Fitness Marshall's back up booties and she is adorable and funny.
  • Krystal Clear Makeup is a fellow Canadian and gives awesome, honest feedback on products. She actually did a video of products she didn't like and she was so polite about it lol.
  • Jaclyn Hill is a very talented makeup artist and has all the secrets as she worked at MAC for years. Although Jaclyn kindled my love of makeup, I haven't been watching her videos as often as I was kind of feeling like she was selling out to money and endorsing products for the money, not because of the product.
  • Manny Mua is a newer one on my list but I love him. He's so funny and his reactions are priceless. He is absolutely honest about products and it's truly fascinating to watch a man who loves makeup. It's also a bit annoying to see how beautiful he does his makeup 😂
  • Tati is so pleasant to watch. She's also a new one on my list but she is so kind-hearted and soft spoken, I just love watching her videos. Her husband is also so sweet, it's refreshing to see their love when he's in her videos.
  • Laura Lee is great to watch if you need a laugh. She's so pretty and quirky but is also amazing with makeup. I honestly used to think her voice was unbearable but she really grows on you and she seems like a truly good person.
  • Kathleen Lights is adorable and so bubbly. I love her accents and she does a lot of natural looks more than glam. 
My makeup stash is growing and it mainly consists of drugstore brands but I do have a few items that I splurged on because there are some things worth the money, if you're into makeup. If you're on a budget or just not committed enough to spend the money, you can get by on drugstore brands. I recommend any of the above YouTubers (or just search on YouTube) for their reviews of drugstore brand makeup. They tell you what's worth it and what isn't. They also tell you which products they use on the daily - good enough for them, good enough for me.

However, I think the biggest thing about drugstore brand makeup is that most of the brands aren't cruelty free. The only one I know of is Wet n Wild and holy smokes are they affordable. I bought their foundation the other week and then watched Krystal's video of her favorite products and that was one of them. Manny Mua has also said in a video that he loves this foundation.

I've been thinking about doing tutorial videos and/or reviews on stuff. If you'd like to see me branch out into this or just make videos in general, please comment below! Side note: I need to take more selfies when I'm wearing makeup because I didn't have any recent ones to put on this post. Will update with some pictures!

Thanks for reading and take care,


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