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Breakfast smoothies

Hola! I had a great time in Mexico! Over-indulged but no regrets :) I got lots of sleep and sun, and had a great time altogether. Since my fridge was bare I had to do some grocery shopping. I haven't been eating my usual oatmeal so I'm trying something new for breakfast - smoothies!

I'm going to try a combination of things but the base will be half a banana, half an avocado, a handful of spinach, and coconut milk. I will try different mixes with frozen blueberries, an apple, or an orange. I will probably have this with 2 eggs in the morning for some protein or with Greek yogurt mixed in.

I loaded up my fruit basket and isn't she lovely? I bought some fresh lemons for my drinking water, I love the taste and I find I drink more water at home with the lemon in it. Those ambrosia apples are beautiful and ginormous! So my plan is to mix up my snack fruit with water I didn't put in my smoothie in the morning.

If I have time in the morning I will take pictures and post the recipes :)


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