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My new favorite breakfast

Cottage cheese deliciousness
Looking back on My Fitness Pal I've gone through a few different 'regulars' for breakfast. This one is my new favorite and I've been eating it for about 2 weeks now. It's 3/4 c. 2% cottage cheese, 1 apple (grated or chopped), and low sugar high protein cereal (I use Kashi Go Lean or any Special K). You could throw in some nuts or seeds in there too if it fits your daily calorie allowance (IIFYM).

I used to think that eating cottage cheese with fruit was gross but I have always enjoyed the sweet and salty contrast so it makes sense that I enjoy this flavor combination.

I've been trying to switch my meals up lately and I'm trying to eat more calories since I've been encouraging my clients to eat more than the 1200 that calorie trackers suggest. I've been hovering around 1500 for a while now so I'm slowly increasing back to 2000 which is my maintenance calorie target.

Anyway, try this breakfast!!! You could also have this as a mid morning snack :)


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