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A new feeling!

Hello all!

Yesterday was kind of exciting for me. I've always been a tom boy and despised skirts, dresses, pantyhose, etc. When I was little I would actually cry when my mom made me put on a dress and leggings. The few times that I did wear a dress, I felt completely uncomfortable and it shows in the pictures I look at.

This is a picture of me dressed up for my birthday last year (December 2011) wearing a dress that my friend bought for me. I can tell that I'm a bit awkward and really not digging it.

However, yesterday I was actually excited to wear a dress now that I'm noticing the awesome changes my body is making from all this hard work. I actually have a shapely butt. My thighs actually have muscle definition on the front. And I don't feel as self conscious about my tummy. (I'm still working on this, but this is the part of my body that I'm the least happy with). Here are the pictures of me from yesterday! I feel like I don't look awkward, and I'm wearing this with confidence :) (I'm the one in the purple dress lol) 

This is so much motivation for me to continue on the awesome journey that I'm on. I so look forward to continue seeing what my body is capable of and I certainly enjoy being healthier, and eating healthier. Hurray for positive changes!!!

Cheers!!! (I certainly do not want to cheers today... I did a few too many yesterday lol)

-- Kelsey


  1. You look fantastic in both dresses!!! I have to say though you are absolutely rocking the purple dress!!!!


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