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Busy and camping!

Good afternoon!!

I've got a crazy busy night tonight. Get home, do workout, shower, do laundry, pack for camping, prepare making for salad for food day at work tomorrow, maybe lay on the couch? and bedtime!

I'm tired just thinking about it. For someone who works out 5 days a week I sure am lazy haha. When I'm not working out my favorite place is my couch with the remote in my hand. Which is one of the reasons I'm forcing myself to go camping this weekend. (I have such a hard time being away from my kitties though) :(

Aren't they adorable? I'm a proud cat lady and can talk about them (and animals in general) for hours and hours. I'm lucky enough that one of my best friends (that I met through work) is a fellow cat enthusiast and my family is as well :D

 (these wouldn't rotate even though they were saved correctly, weird)

Any way, back to this hectic weekend: I'm also excited to try working out outside. I probably won't do my usual 45 minutes but I definitely want to do a bodyrock video. Let's hope there are showers close by. I'm hardcore, but I'm not hardcore enough to workout with being able to shower after lol. Maybe I'll get my mama to take a picture of me rockin' it outside!

Maybe I'll make up a workout too and I'll share if I do.


--Kelsey (aka, cat lady)


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