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Insanity - Update

So... I did the Insanity fit test on Sunday and did the first workout on Monday. I thought Bodyrock made me sweat... I was proved once again the amounts of perspiration my body could emit. Now having said that, for the past year I've only been washing my hair every second day because it's long and it fries the ends. I have decided that I'm only going to do Insanity every second day (the evening before I wash my hair) because I felt so gross on Tuesday.

I started writing this post on Thursday (and it's now 1:31AM on Sunday morning) and I did Insanity again today. I've only done it 3 times since Sunday but I swear that my stomach feels firmer. My diet could certainly be a bit cleaner so I haven't gotten the six pack results but I feel like these workouts are going to help A LOT!

People often think they can just do crunches and that will tone up their midsection. From lots of research and experience, cardio and diet are what is going to help you achieve a flat tummy. You can feel your 'wash board' under the laundry but unless you wash that laundry with some fat burning cardio and a clean diet, you probably won't ever get to see the wash board.

I'm not going to wait as long to take progress pictures this time as I'm hoping Insanity is going to kick it up a knotch :) I'm also really itching to get Turbo Fire because I love Turbo Jam AND some days I just don't have the 45-60 minutes that Insanity wants me to commit to.

Sorry if there are any typos or spelling/grammatical errors as I'm extremely tired but can't go to sleep because my boyfriend found a terrified kitty cat in the hallway of our apartment building and it has taken refuge under my bed (after he managed to catch it) and my 2 cats aren't very happy about it being in there.

Good night (morning?) all!

-- Kelsey


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