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Those damn carbs!!

I feel pretty lucky that there are quite a few people I work with that are into health and fitness too. I was discussing diet and food with one of my colleagues and she said that she can't give up carbs because she always feels hungry without them. I almost laughed because I WAS THE SAME WAY!!

I was always convinced that I would not be able to feel full without my glorious breads, pastas, etc. I think I was partially saying this because I couldn't stand the thought of giving up my favorite food - perogies. However, now that I'm on my way to cleaning up my diet (still a work in progress definitely) I am happy to report that it is possible! I had my serious doubts that veggies, fruits, and anything that didn't have grains would actually fill me up.

I'm by no means saying that it was easy, it was torture for me actually, but after the first week it definitely got easier. I used to have my McDonald's egg McMuffin (with no meat) and a hashbrown EVERY week day. In April when I started watching what I was eating I cut out my hashbrown but I was still getting my egg McMuffin. About 2 months ago I swapped out the egg McMuffin for oatmeal before I left for work and I'm pleasantly surprised. It keeps me full until my first break at work, which is usually within 3 hours. I eat it with liquid honey, half a banana, some frozen berries, and unsweetened almond milk. I'm also really happy with this arrangement because then I have an extra meal that I can have my beloved eggs! Which is perfect for when I'm on a late shift and don't feel like making a huge mess, especially after doing my workout (see food page for meals).

There is definitely hope for us carb lovers and I can even manage to go a few days without having a slice of bread or a bowl of pasta. Just hang in there, even when it gets tough! As they say (or something similar haha) "nothing worth having is easy to attain".


And the line from my favorite song: "When life is hard you have to change," Change - Blind Melon

-- Kelsey


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