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10 more sleeps!

Holy cow! Only 10 more sleeps until I leave for Jamaica. Time just flew by. I finally got a workout done last night since the last time I worked out was Saturday. These hives are just driving me crazy and I just wish I knew what was causing them :( Here some pictures and these are only 4 of them - they've been popping up all over, mostly on my arms and hands lately but they started with a few on my right ankle and calf.

It felt so great to workout last night! I did the FU Fat Ass workout from Bodyrock.tv - one of my faves from them but I switched the frog jumps for switch kicks (from Dripping with Sweat) and I did Turbo Fire 30 minute workout. I also went to the doc last night to get one of my Twinrix shots for my trip and a tetanus shot, and almost fainted lol. I've never had a reaction like that before. I got very light headed and hot/sweaty.

We're having a food day here at work today and I had a bit of all the goodies. I've been eating really good lately (aside from my few sweets throughout the day) and have been having great results considering I haven't been working out as much. I pigged out on the yummy stuff so I'll be good for dinner :)

Today I'm going to do just a Turbo Fire because I got my shots last night, one in each arm, and they're pretty tender today so no strength training for me :(

P.s. If anyone has a suggestion as to what the eff is is causing these hives/rash/bites, please let me know because nothing seems to be helping.


-- Kelsey


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