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3 weeks - no sugar challenge!?!

I am going to Jamaica on November 10 and it really just hit me how close it is! (*squeal*) I've never been any where before, never mind somewhere hot. The furthest south I've been is Grand Forks, ND, haha.

I started working out June just to be healthier and because I really wasn't happy with the shape I was in. I was "skinny fat". It bothered me (and still does) when people would ask, "Why do you workout? You're so skinny." Why can't people who don't exercise regularly understand that just because you're not obese, doesn't mean that you shouldn't take care of yourself? Or just accept that even though I'm smaller than you,  I'm not happy with where I am. It's not like I was doing anything wrong or unhealthy - I was exercising and eating lots of healthy yummy food.

Any ways, I started working out just because I wanted to feel better about myself and stop my weight gain before it was out of control. Then I realized I started at the perfect time so I could wear a bikini on my trip without being self conscious. So here I am, having lost a few inches over all. I lost 5 pounds but I weighed myself this morning and I'm back up to 136. I feel like I have gotten the daily food part down but it's the damn sugar!!

I crave sugar so bad. Any sugar: chocolate, candy, cakes, cookies, marshmallows, etc. It really is getting ridiculous. So, with 3 weeks before my vacay, I am challenging myself to no sweets. I'll see how I feel on Sunday (which I will dub as my treat day) and if I can make it another week, I will test my will power even further.

Are you on for a no sugar challenge? This means no unnatural sugar. I will still use, but limit, the honey or maple syrup in my oatmeal. I will still eat my no sugar added yogurt. How far can you go?

-- Kelsey


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