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A new challenge

Good evening! Phew! What a day. Vacuumed and mopped, emptied the dishwasher, loaded it up again, washed all other dishes, changed my guinea pig's cage, cleaned litter box, took out recycling and all garbage, and did my workout! I should sleep good tonight, but I'm not hopeful since I rarely have a good sleep. (I've actually started taking my iron pills again because my doc kind of scolded me again.)

Today I made baked apples with minimal butter and sugar, but with rolled oats and raisins :) They were pretty awesome. I was being self critical today and I'm still really not happy with my tummy. I feel like I eat pretty clean and I don't understand why I can't lose more of the fat layer on top of my abs. When ever I think this, I hear my cousin's voice saying, "You need to eat more vegetables!" Like I said in my previous post, I have cut back on sugar instead of just cutting myself off so a challenge that I think I can handle is I'm going to eat more veggies. I use reusable containers for my lunches and for the last 2 weeks I've been using the 3 cup one and fill it with baby carrots, celery, and sugar snap peas. So my goal is I'm going to eat at LEAST one of those a day, on top of the veggies I eat with my lunch and dinner. My (smart and beautiful) cousin also suggested swapping out one of my fruits throughout the day for a veggie and I have been doing this for the past week. I've also started drinking hot water with a lemon wedge again. It's really relaxing after work and my workout.

Today I did Turbo Fire HIIT 30 minute class. Again it was a fantastic workout. Tomorrow will probably end up being a rest day because I have the day off to spend with my mummy for her birthday :) Hopefully going to go shopping for some stuff for Jamaica in 3 weeks (eeeeek!!!) since I don't have any sandals suitable for long periods of standing/walking.

I have to be good tomorrow because I had quite a treat meal before going to the Rain concert (Beatles tribute band: they're awesome!). We stopped at an Irish pub downtown and I had the chicken strips and chips. I had burned quite a few calories in yesterday's workout so I allowed myself the treat :)


What is a goal that you want to challenge yourself to reach? Or what goals have you already accomplished?

-- Kelsey


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