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Another rest day

Siiiiiiiiggggggghhhhh.... I'm taking another rest day. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body when it's telling you it's had enough and needs a break.

These skin irritations are making me an unpleasant person - they're the kind of burning pain that just make you want to make angry sounds. I finally went to the doctor and got 2 different kinds of cream but obviously they aren't going to work in one day. Depending how these things feel tomorrow I may just take the one extra day.

I'm going to smash out the first two new workouts though on Saturday for sure. I need a good butt kicking after all this rest. I am still sticking to a clean diet though and I actually feel like I've lost some fat on my tummy which is *awesome* because that's where I want to see the most burn.

Do you take a rest day when you need it? Or do you push through and do a lighter workout?

Take care,

-- Kelsey

(October 19, 2012: I'd like every one to know that it is possible to take rest days and still see progress. I have continued to eat clean (with a few cheats of course) and Monday I was 136 lbs and yesterday and this morning I weighed 129 lbs. Just because you can't workout doesn't mean your diet has to be crap too!)


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