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Hives... =(

I'm missing another workout tonight. I'm not very happy about this but I think my body needs rest. I missed Monday's workout to spend time with a friend and her daughter who I haven't seen in a few months. Last week I started breaking out in hives. At first I thought they were spider bites or some other bite, but they look more like hives. They're sporadic on my body (legs, ankles, 1 on my lower back, 1 on my neck, 1 on my face, two on each arm) and are almost perfectly circular with a little water blister in the middle.

I've been using hydrocortisone cream for the past week and taking allergy pills but they don't seem to help with the itch =( They're driving me crazy!!!

This morning I woke up and the one on my inner bicep is huge! It's probably 2 inches in diameter. Hopefully I can get in to see my doctor tomorrow because I don't know how much more of the itch I can take.

Please do a work out for me and cross your fingers that this clears up soon.

Cheers ~

-- Kelsey


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