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I fit my pants!!

Happy Saturday everyone!

I usually save my cleaning for the weekend so I was tidying up before I do my workout and I found a pair of jeans I haven't been able to fit into since the day I bought them! They are the same size as the other pair I bought at the same time, but for whatever reason these were a smaller fit. I couldn't get them passed my thighs. They are still a bit tight but I can fit into them! They are a size 5. Yay!!

I love seeing the results and knowing that I'm making my body healthier is a good feeling too. There are so many health problems that can be solved by eating clean and exercise. Even if you're not working out to be toned, you should at least exercise to treat your body the way it should be and take care of yourself. You only live once: do it right so you can live your life to the fullest potential and be the best you possible.

How far have you come? What changes have you made or are you making to better yourself? Please share!

-- Kelsey


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