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My welcome back workout =D

Hello!! Today my hives seem to be under control and aren't bothering me as much. I'm very excited to do my workout right away.

I wanted a good arm workout to do with my Turbo Fire so I watched the new Bodyrock videos and I liked different moves from each video so I chose some of them and made my own workout.

Push up & ski abs 7, 5, 5
2 hops on left leg, 2 hops on right leg, 4 scissor jacks (jump rope) 11, 12, 13
2 ab tucks, L&R oblique lift, V abs (EQ) 4, 3, 4
squat & press, clean & press (sandbag) 8, 7, 8

and I'm going to do my Turbo Fire 30 minute class. If I feel I can handle it, I'm going to also do the Turbo HIIT 15 minute class because it looks super fun.

I did Turbo Fire HIIT 20 minute class. IT. WAS. AWESOME. Chalene Johnson is a friggin' genious. Her workouts are so fun, have great music, and make you want to move and work as hard as you can. I also like how Turbo Fire has a 10 minute and a 40 minute stretch class - great for people like me that "forget" to stretch after a workout. I did the Bodyrock mash up first, then added 10 V pushups for a shoulder workout, and then I did the Turbo Fire videos.

In 51 minutes I burned approx 600 calories. WOO!

Hurray for fitness!

-- Kelsey


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