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Costco run

Tonight I went to Costco with my momma, she's the best :)

Costco has a great selection for people that want healthy and whole foods. Their produce selection is extensive and I would buy more if it didn't go bad before I could eat it haha. Tonight I bought:
  • trail mix (all natural)
  • 3 pack plain Greek yogurt
  • natural almond butter
  • pears
  • quick oats
  • egg whites
  • sweet potatoes
  • grape tomatoes
  • celery stalks
  • mini cucumbers
  • bananas
  • 6 pack of romaine lettuce
  • hemp hearts (for my cousin but I do also have these in my fridge) 

While unpacking my groceries I rinsed off all the celery stalks and stood them up to let them drain. Once they were dry I cut the ends off and put them in my produce keeper. I also washed off my grape tomatoes and they too went in the produce keeper. They are awesome and I highly recommend getting some. Before buying these I used to use the plastic containers from the pre washed salads, which also work really well.


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