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I will be posting pictures of my meals and snacks I prepare. I am not a chef but I am definitely a foodie. I love my food and everyone who knows me makes fun of my presentation because mine "always looks better" than their plate haha. These are most of the meals I eat until I can find some new ones or until I get sick of these.

I think every one needs a pretty fruit/veggie bowl or dish. I find that I like buying stuff just so I can fill it and look at it all the time :)

I went grocery shopping on my day off this week (testing out the new Walmart super center) and bought bell peppers. I had saved this plastic container from fruit that I had bought in the summer and I had forgot about it until I moved, so I cut up all my peppers and have them ready to munch on and add into stuff in this convenient container.

I found this great recipe for seasoned chicken breast: it's really good, especially when you brown it in a cast iron and throw it in the oven for the remainder.  http://therecipecrayonbox.blogspot.ca/2012/03/perfect-chicken.html

I saw this on Pinterest: don't throw away the bottoms of your green onions. Stick them in a cup of water and they'll start to regrow :) (These are only a few days old too)

These are my favorite seasonings. The 2 on the right are awesome because they don't have any preservatives. I think the Oh so onion is local but Epicure is pretty widespread.


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