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A few weeks ago a friend of mine texted me out of no where. She admitted to me she felt that when I had talked about working out and eating clean that I was bragging and it had bothered her. She was texting me, though, to let me know that she understood now that I wasn't bragging but it made me feel so good that I was just enthusiastic about this lifestyle because she had started going to the gym again.

I am so blessed to have such an amazing support system. My mom exercises regularly and frequently comes over to join me in my workout. Most of my friends are active or are working on changing their habits.

I have a few people that I work with that have told me that I've inspired them to change their lifestyle and it makes me so happy. My blog and facebook page are outlets for me to share my enthusiasm because this change made such a difference for me. It is SO easy to just give up and stop working out but what kind of a challenge is that?

I love seeing the changes and seeing what my body is capable of accomplishing. I'm also reminded daily that you shouldn't take it for granted. If you're not in a wheel chair or incapacitated, get the heck off that couch! I know a lot of people say they don't have time to workout but come on, how many nights do you sit on the couch watching TV? Even if you're walking in place for that time you're already doing better than before. I would LOVE to be able to follow the Turbo Fire calendar but it is unrealistic for me to fit in an hour 6 days a week. I have found something that works for me and it is only 12 minutes! I absolutely do more when time permits and the last 2 nights I have exercised for about an hour. It just makes me feel so good, it's such a rush! =D

I am also part of a wonderful fitness group on Facebook and we have basically become a family. I have grown very fond of these people and it just wouldn't be a normal day without checking in on them :) They push me when the drive is lacking, we share progress photos, recipes, life issues. If you are lacking a support system, I am here for you :) I will be your coach. That is one of the reasons I created my facebook page: I wanted to create a place people could talk about exercise and being active freely without feeling like who ever sees it will be offended or jealous.

I will end this post here because I do need to get off the computer for the night :) I hope all of you are happy and healthy. And if you're not, I hope you will consider bettering yourself and making that change.

Also, check out these guns!! lol.

-- Kelsey


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