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Hello friends!!

I finished the Bodyrock May challenge last week and have decided that I'm going to start with ZWOWs. Zuzka Light is the co-creator of Bodyrock and her videos are a bit of a different format. They are time challenges instead of doing as many reps as as possible in 50 seconds. I have done 4 of them so far and I'm loving them. They're a bit longer than the Bodyrock workouts and she says on her website that she doesn't workout longer than 20 minutes a day. These are her workouts that keep her in the incredible shape that she's in.

I believe it too because even though my diet has been garbage lately I have noticed some changes in a week. My arms are getting more defined and my tummy is getting more definition. I'm on holidays (just a stay-cation) for the next week so I am going to be concentrating on cleaning up my act. Today is day one and even though I wasn't home much to test my will power I've done fairly good. I'm also using a calorie tracker again to keep myself in check. I'm sorry if I make it sound like a lot of work but being healthy and getting that body you desire DOES take time, dedication, and will power. It isn't going to be easy especially if you're making huge changes.

I bought myself a huge bag of each romaine lettuce and celery to help direct me in the right direction when I open the fridge. Tonight I had a fresh double yolk farm egg and a huge salad :) I also bought a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips so if I'm craving junk I'll use a dip container (for portion control) to have some nomnoms.

I'm never giving up strength training again! I missed it so much and lost so much of the strength I had gained previously. Lesson learned :) Good night!!

-- Kelsey


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