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One year of hard work

So I missed posting on my 1 year anniversary of my fitness journey :)

June 15, 2012, is when I decided that I had enough of being lazy and unhappy. I found Bodyrock and the community of their app. I'm so happy I continued and didn't lose track or motivation. I used to start and then stop when it got too hard to fit into my life. Now it is a priority and is a HUGE part of my life as you can tell with this blog and facebook page. I'm so passionate about being healthy now. I used to make fun of people that ate salads haha. What a change!

From June 15, 2012, to June 15, 2013, I worked out 230 days. So crazy to think about considering I used to be a couch potato =)

I've been doing ZWOWs regularly and doing them in order. I'm on #54 already and close the end of the free ones at #71. I haven't decided if I'm going to pay for her ZGYM but I'll let you know how it is if I do :)

I'm currently working on creating a "build-a-workout" system. I'm going to use popsicle sticks or poker chips (or something) and I'm going to write out workout moves (eg. burpees, touch downs, etc.) and create my daily workout from those. I'm really excited since I've gone through my book of workouts and used the moves from previous workouts.

I'll post a picture once I get it finished!


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