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Ahhh Sunday

I hope you all had a great weekend. I took an unplanned rest day. I just feel like I needed it. I took a walk with my aunt this afternoon so I wasn't completely lazy.

I did a bit of prepping after dinner. I also had a bit of a 'treat' dinner. I was rummaging through my fridge and cupboards after my walk and I couldn't make up my mind so I pulled out a whole wheat English muffin and made a mini pizza with a couple tablespoons of crushed tomatoes (canned) mixed with some garlic, herbs and spices. Topped with green bell pepper, onion, tomato, and skim milk mozzarella cheese. Entered into Myfitnesspal that was under 300 calories. I had some egg whites on the side for some protein since I didn't have anything to add to the pizza. Dessert was a small gala apple cut into slices and sauteed with cinnamon and coconut butter. Topped with some plain Greek yogurt, delicious.

This week I'm not doing much food prep because I'm taking salads for lunch so I will do this the night before work - only takes a few minutes. I have some basa fish fillets in the oven for my protein to top the salad.

(I had to post this today instead of last night because my laptop kept disconnecting from my internet.)


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